3 Fragrance Oils To Transform Your Home's Inner Atmosphere

Your home is your safe space to run to after work and relax. The last thing you want is the stench of rubbish bins, spilled food on the carpet, and awful smells to greet you after a busy day. Besides causing slight discomfort, foul odours can also cause severe respiratory health problems.

Fortunately, home fragrance oils can kiss the nasty odours goodbye. Fragrance oils are artificially-made oils to imitate a naturally-occurring scent. They create a pleasant aroma while boosting your mood and attracting a more inviting home atmosphere.

Home fragrance oils can significantly help you relax and enjoy your space better. We put together our top three favourite fragrance oils for your home and how to pick the right aromas.

  1. Room Sprays

The best and easy way to brighten your room is to spray it with fragrance oils. Our first favourite pick is room sprays. It performs its ultimate duty to deodorise enclosed spaces. A few sprays of our high-quality room spray, made from natural ingredients, can eliminate trapped odours and perk up your room.

Whether you want to feel like you're in a summer garden or the middle of a forest, different exotic scents are available to help you set the scene. From a few days to a week, a room spray's aroma can last a while. Its power depends on how much spray you'll use, the space's air circulation, and the type of materials in your room.

Depending on your preference, you may spray this fragrance oil as often as you like.

  1. Reed Diffusers

Another prominent home fragrance oil options are the reed diffuser. These stylish sticks produce an aromatic odour while beautifying your space.

Reed diffusers are wooden sticks inserted into a jar of essential oils. The reeds gradually absorb the oil, spreading the scent through their spongy fibres.

They are also accessible, no-mess home fragrance options requiring minimal attention. Small bottles typically last approximately three months, depending on your surrounding environment. Using heaters and air conditioners can also affect how well your reed diffusers brighten your room.

If you think your reed diffusers aren't spreading a solid scent, we recommend flipping the sticks upside down to expose the reed's other side to the diffuser oil to soak more scent.

  1. Essential Oils

Lastly, essential oils are indispensable and prominent home fragrance options to help brighten your home's inner space. You can use these versatile oils with and without an oil diffuser. Different essential oil fragrances are available, from stress relief blends to fun tropical aromas.

Homemade scenting solutions are one of the best ways to use essential oils without a diffuser. You can effectively create a room spray by applying a few drops of essential oil to a spray bottle of distilled water. This method is an easy, budget-friendly, innovative home fragrance oil option. Adding vodka or rubbing alcohol can help mix the oil and moisture better. At the same time, you should shake them well before each use.

On the other hand, an Ultrasonic diffuser works best as an essential oil diffuser option. It vaporises your mixture to diffuse a soothing mist into your space's air. A vibrating plate at the oil diffuser's bottom sends ultrasonic waves to convert the water and essential oil mixture into a fine mist. There, it scents and humidifies the surrounding area. 

Picking The Right Aromas

Picking suitable fragrant oils for your home can be tricky, especially since there are different aromas. Before adding them to the cart, you must consider your needs and preferences. Choosing the proper fragrances can make you feel good and enjoy your space better. At the same time, you must also consider your space's size. Stronger scents work best for larger rooms, while subtler aromas are more appropriate for smaller areas.

Luring In More Pleasant Scents

Busy homeowners want to arrive home to a pleasantly-smelling space. Fragrance oils can help attract a more inviting atmosphere and boost your mood. It would help if you also considered some factors before buying them.

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