3 Odour Control Tips Your
Furry Friend Will Love

Smells can trigger emotions and memories, from the need to drink hot cocoa when the scent of rain fills the room to rousing the mind from its cloudiness once you get the first whiff of freshly-brewed coffee every morning.

However, not everyone can wake up to peaceful smells, especially those who live with furry companions.

Pets are undoubtedly part of the family for paw-parents, but whatever your fur-baby dragged in (sometimes literally) can leave a trail of odor in their wake. Wet fur, mud, and litter boxes can give anyone a sour mood with their stench, that’s why the list below aims to control pet odor so you can keep the air fresh for everyone in the household to enjoy.

Tip #1: Clear All Hair and Pet Dander Regularly 

Having your furry friends playing around the house is always a joyful experience, but all their fluff of cuteness means they’ll be shedding fur everywhere.

Their natural musk will stick to these hairs, which will then spread around the floor, furniture, plus along the cracks and crevices in your space.

Even for short-haired pets, it’s good practice to keep your surroundings clean from floor-to-ceiling by vacuuming up any extra dander that can stink up your home once they collect over time.


Tip #2: Give Your Pet Accessories, Items, and More a Thorough Wash 

Everybody loves to plop in bed with a fresh set of sheets, so why not provide the same refreshing experience for your pets? They can quickly collect dust from darting in and out of your home, which means all the odors they pick up will likely gather in their items.

With that in mind, washing their pet bed covers, cushion covers, blankets, linens, and other accessories can do wonders for maintaining a clean environment for everyone.

Tip #3: Purify the Air Using Fragrance Oils, Room Sprays, or Diffusers

It’s one thing to clean up the mess in your home, but the next best step to get rid of all the odors lingering in your space is to use natural essential oils, diffusers, and other pet-friendly air fresheners.

It’s a pleasant solution that not only eliminates odour-causing particles permeating off your four-legged buddies but can also transform the atmosphere altogether by introducing your favourite fragrances throughout your home.

The Bottom Line: Keeping the Air Fresh and Clean for You and Your Pets 

Smells can trigger plenty of emotions in the brain, so going about your daily routine with the stubborn smell of your furry buddies can break anyone out of their concentration. Keep your home from smelling like a zoo and freshen up the air with the tried-and-true tips above!


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