5 Best Ways to Use a Luxury Room Spray for a Long-Lasting Scent

Using a scented room spray can help you instantly revive a space, and if the scent is of good quality, it will remain for a few hours. To get the most out of your spray, you can layer the scent, spritz it in small areas, and even take it with you when you are away from home. All of these techniques will help you make your home or workspace smell great. Here's how you can use luxury room sprays well:

  1. Layer Complimenting Scents

To create a long-lasting aroma in your space, combine the power of an interior scent with a candle. Start by spraying two-to-three pumps of the fragranced product in the centre of the room. Then, light the matching candle to provide an extra layer of scent. The spray will give an instant burst of fragrance while the candle gradually takes over as the scent of the spray fades away.

Layering a luxury room spray with a candle with a complimentary smell is also a great way to create your own personalised smell. For instance, floral and rose middle notes go well together when combined in the same space. This combination is more subtle and delicate than using just the rose and floral mid-notes alone.

  1. Spritz Cabinets for a Fresh Smell

To make a musty-smelling linen cabinet smell fresh, you can use a few pumps of room spray and place an almost-finished candle at the back of the cabinet. This will leave a subtle scent that will last for weeks or months. Additionally, spraying a room every once in a while will help reinvigorate the fragrance.

  1. Mist onto Curtains and Cushions

Sprinkling a light mist of your favourite air freshener onto furniture and other fabrics will help the aroma linger in the air. Try spritzing a bit onto the curtains so they will be carried through the room with the breeze; or onto cushions, which will release the scent each time they're plumped. Before using it, it's important to check a small, hidden area of the fabric to ensure it won't cause any staining.

  1. Bring It with You on Your Travels

Pack a pleasant fragrance for your travels! Whether a long weekend getaway or a week-long vacation, bring a scent that reminds you of home. This will help create a refreshing atmosphere in any space and ward off musty odours. Plus, it's a wonderful way to make a new place feel like home!

  1. Spray inside Your Car

A luxury car scent is not just for indoor use; it's also a straightforward way to give your car a pleasant, attractive aroma. It's okay to keep a bottle of fragrance in your glove compartment for brief periods, but remember that a hot car can cause the fragrance to degrade faster. To ensure your car spray remains fresh, store it in a cool place.


Luxury room sprays are an excellent way to elevate the ambience of any space. These sprays offer a variety of benefits, from refreshing the air to enhancing the mood. When used in combination, luxury room sprays can be an effective way to transform the atmosphere of any room.

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