A Round Of Q&A With The Thriving Scent Australia Home

Scent Australia Home is becoming a synonym for successful, progressive and responsible business. More than that, it has helped people live a more authentic and defining life. What is it they do? They create and provide oil scents with the dominance of nature.

These fragrances celebrate richness. The richness of what, exactly? Of you, your memories, culture, history, places, and much more! There’s no limit to what they do. 

With different scents telling us other stories, it is about time to get some answers in their unique ways: 

How Are The Fragrances Inspired?

The inspiration behind each scent is different. Most are curated to enhance your everyday experience. Others are to help you recall a memory that you cherish. This process of helping you relive memories through scent and create new ones motivates us to work.

But that’s not all. Scent Australia Home also brings you an opportunity to get personalised and custom-made scents. You can get IFRA approval for your fragrance and get it manufactured with us. It’s that simple. 

What Kind Of Ingredients Do You Use?

Scent Australia Home utilises 100% fragrance oils that our master perfumers create in the USA, France, and Australia. Each fragrance oil is IFRA approved. We don’t use essential oils or natural oils, as the complex blend can lead to problems, reactions, and allergies.

Scent Australia Home utilises the ‘nature-equivalents.’ These offer the same benefits as the natural essential oils without any drawbacks. These ingredients enable us to provide customised scents and experiment with new blends without any problem.

What Are Some Unique Qualities Of Your Fragrance Oils?

The use of nature-equivalent extracts enables us to extend the shelf life of our products. You get a more impressionable scent profile that is long-lasting. There is a versatile range of scents available for you to choose, or customise. Most are even pet and animal-friendly, safe for children and such. 

There is a significant cut in the cost as compared to the natural essential oils. Thus, you get more affordable, safer and IFRA-complied scents. 

What Are Some Of The Scent Recommendations You Would give?

The best thing for you to do is check out the ‘Scent Finder.’ It is a unique feature we have that help you find exactly the kind of scent you would like. But if you need some recommendations:   Santal 66, Miami, Royal, Fig Tree and White tea and Ginger Flowers are some of the must-try and must-haves on our list. These are high in demand and admired by almost everyone. 

Do You Have Signature Perfumes Of Various Places? 

As a matter of fact, we provide various scents that feel like a place or location. For example, Fig Tree smells like the Country Road.  The aforementioned Royal and Dream Oil are fragrances commonly found in Casinos. Hermes Country Oil represents France.

So, if you’re looking for a scent of a specific place, even Hotels, you can most likely find it in our collections, and this eases up things for you. If you ever liked any scent in any place, you can give our collection a try.