Arabian Jasmine & Marigold Fragrance

The Creation

Jasmine Sambac from the topics of Asia gives this sweet fragrance a fruity and white floral scent. Infused with healing marigold, not often thought of as a scent for a room perfume diffuser, but teemed with ylang-ylang, honey, and benzoin sap presents itself as an energising, and romantic infusion of floral bliss. 

Inspired by Jo Malone’s Jasmine Sambac & Marigold perfume aroma, this natural room fragrance is an invigorating and tropical aromatherapy oil that promotes various healing benefits for the user. 

Rich benzoin and sugary honey give these aromatic oil undertones an earthy scent that fills the senses with warmth and relaxation, gifted by mother nature’s abundant landscape. 

The Inspiration

When the rain began to fall, heavy on his head, soaking him from head to toe, he began to run through the tree-lined pathways to find cover. Turning this way and that, until he came to a sudden stop, a giant, white-rimmed door blocking his path. 

Somewhere he spent almost every weekend wandering through the luscious greenery and tall trees of the city’s botanical gardens, admiring the earth for what it could create, yet he had never come across this door before. 

Trying the handle and finding it open, when a loud thunderous crack followed by an illuminating jolt of lighting filled the sky, he jumped inside without hesitation. It could have been a scene from a movie.

Almost immediately his senses were filled with invigorating and exotic otherworldly scents. Aromas that you might find in more tropical regions, ylang-ylang, jasmine, marigold, sap, florals that didn’t grow where he came from. 

It was sugar, spice, and everything nice. It was warming, instantly making him feel as though the rain had never tried to ruin his day. 

Finding a light switch, yearning to see what goodness was filling his senses, he flicked it on. Surrounded by so much of what felt like untouched beauty, he no longer believed he was on earth. 

All the colours from the rainbow existed in this one greenhouse. Vines crawling up every wall so that the outside world almost didn’t exist, hanging flowerpots overhead were overflowing with thick snaking leaves and branches that fell like a waterfall of succulent green flowers he had never seen before. 

His breath had been taken away. Beautiful didn’t begin to describe his surroundings. 

He heard a noise call out from further down, deep in the greenhouse jungle he had found himself curiously wandering through. How long he had been roaming he wasn’t sure. The voice called again, “no one is supposed to be in here”, bringing him back to his senses, still filled with the exotic aromas of the vivid flora and fauna surrounding him. 

Not wanting to be caught he ran back to the door he came from, with one last look, one last breath of the bright and flower-filled rejuvenating air, he closed the door behind him. 

How to Choose Your Scent

With our Find Your Scent Guide, Scent Australia can assist you when it comes to choosing the best room spray oil or diffuser oil for your chosen space. 

We also offer fragrance samples and scent packs with your favourite scented fragrance oils for home or the workplace. 

Scent Australia’s Jasmine Sambac and Marigold scented essential oil is the perfect fragrance for aromatherapy benefits when matched with one of our various scent diffusers or used as a room spray

Our quality diffuser range includes; smart diffusers for those wanting a powerful diffuser, reed diffusers for a touch of elegance, environmentally friendly wood diffusers, and battery-powered diffusers with USB rechargeable diffuser options. 

Arabian Jasmine & Marigold fragrance oil is available as an essential oil room spray for a quick room freshener on demand. 

When fragrance scents like our sweet Arabian Jasmine Sambac and Marigold smart range oil are imbued with ingredients that typically promote health, wellbeing, treatment of skin conditions, muscle pain, and in some studies, depression, it’s easy to smell the wholesome benefits when this aromatic fragrance is working its magic in a room.