Aromatherapy in the Office - A Hack That Will Get You Through the Mid-day Slump

We've all been there - it's a regular work day, and nothing particularly bad has happened, but you're still feeling pretty down. Or you're simply feeling uninspired.

Either way, you've become unproductive.

Working in an office generally leads people to a point wherein they have to spend a considerable chunk of their lifespan seated at their desks. Findings show that an average adult who works ostensibly spends an overwhelming 1600 hours annually at their work desk.

That means it's crucial for you to fix up your space so it can be conducive to productivity. More importantly, you'll get a boost of positivity. One of the most efficient ways you can get this done is by the use of essential oils.

What Are Essential Oils?

In a nutshell, essential oils are concentrated extracts of some plants. They're usually made through the pressing or steaming of certain parts of a plant like leaves or flowers.

They are considered miraculous solutions to a multitude of issues that you may encounter. That includes anxiety related to your work, lethargy, or stress. It's also good for the days when you can't seem to find inspiration.

Pick some scents, put them in a Two Scents diffuser, and watch things improve. Scents can make a world of difference especially given how the human brain works.

wood diffuser

Which Essential Oils Will Be Best For Use At Work?

There are dozens upon dozens of essential oils available at your local aroma store in Australia. Here are some of the most effective options to boost productivity and your mood in general:


Sometimes, unpleasant odours can permeate throughout the office. These circumstances are generally beyond your control. What you can control, of course, is managing the smell in the first place. Cypress is able to offset undesirable smells that could otherwise stay in your office. It gives off a slightly woody, spicy scent.


There are many health benefits that come with lavender, making it one of the most popular essential oils overall. It's calming and gives off an aroma that's pleasant. Anxiety, stress, and tension are relieved easily. Exhaustion is also addressed by this particular essential oil. If you're dealing with emotional stress, headaches, or migraines, this is the scent for you. 


The popularity of this essential oil is rooted in how refreshing it is, and the way it helps people focus. It's able to stimulate the mind quite well, and as a result, productivity gets a boost as well.

Tea Tree Oil

Essential oils as a whole have antibacterial properties to them. One of the most effective germ killers is tea tree oil. Aside from being diffused, it also works well when sprayed in the air. It can even be used to wipe down items like your desktop, phone, or table.

tea tree oil


Aromatherapy is a great way to address any midday slump at the office. Essential oils are incredibly helpful in many cases, like the need for inspiration or a mood boost at work. Some scents that can be selected from include, but are not limited to, cypress, lavender, and tea tree oil.

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