Bergamot Aromatherapy - Why You Should Invest in This Scent

Bergamot has always piqued people's interest because of its scent. One of the most often utilised fragrance oils in Melbourne due to its multiple health advantages and powerful citrus scent. Like many plants with deep roots, its origins are under dispute because everyone wants to take credit.

The tree resembles a cross between a sweet lemon and a bitter orange and is thought to have developed in Asia's tropical regions. It can be raised in Europe if the proper environmental conditions are there.

The tree has flourished for a long time in Southern Italy, where most of the fragrance oil is made. Since the 1600s, it has grown across the Mediterranean, except in the Ivory Coast, Greece, Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria.

Because it harmonises the aroma and adds a unique citrus flavour with a tinge of spice, it is widely used in perfume. Furthermore, it is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

It is mentioned in traditional Chinese medicine as beneficial for healing digestive issues. Ayurveda also recommends it to elevate mood and alleviate depression. Because it is a necessary component of Earl Grey tea, tea connoisseurs are accustomed to its aroma. Greeks used the fruit in their cooking and manufactured delicious liqueurs.

Out of all the reasons we adore bergamot aromatherapy, here are our top six recommendations for adding bergamot into your life.

Bergamot has calming properties that can reduce anxiety and tension and may even counteract the harmful effects of depression.

Numerous aromatherapists have found that bergamot offers mood-enhancing qualities. When you need a little boost of vitality, try a fragrance oil blend.

Citrus is a citrisant that can aid in the fading or disappearance of scars and other skin flaws.

When applied topically to healthy skin with discomfort, it can help with pain relief. The fragrance releases hormones that lessen the sensitivity of pain-sensitive nerve endings.

Bergamot's chemical constituents promote the formation of bile and other digestive fluids, which aids the body in absorbing nutrients.

As a result of its antibacterial and disinfectant qualities, it functions well as a deodorant. It stops the development of microorganisms that cause body odour. Like most citrus, it works as a room refresher, whether used as a diffuser or a spray.

Come inside and take a smell of bergamot, either by itself or in one of our mixes, to learn how it can improve your life.

Bergamot does affect the synthesis and balance of hormones, so if you have a medical condition, you should exercise caution when taking it.

Due to their phototoxic qualities, bergamot and citrus oils increase the absorption of UV radiation. To avoid exposure to the sun, the oil must be stored and applied to the skin with extreme caution. Keep all citrus oils in dim, opaque containers. It should only be applied to parts of the body that won't be exposed to the sun.

For instance, apply sunscreen to the lower body and other areas covered by clothing before going outside into the sun. While the fragrance develops, your skin will be shielded, and you'll benefit from the fragrance oils in Australia.


Bergamot aromatherapy has many benefits that make it worth investing in. Not only does it have a pleasant, citrusy scent, but it can also help to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, bergamot can help to improve sleep quality, boost energy levels, and even improve digestion. So if you’re looking for an aromatherapy oil that offers a wide range of benefits, bergamot is a great option to consider.

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