Blue Bergamot Fragrance

The Creation

This delicate scent inspired by citrusy bergamot, fresh and spicy cardamom, and calming lavender is a delightful room diffuser oil for any household seeking the tranquillity of peace and an aura of serenity. 

The addition of a subtle hint of earthy musk is what gives this essence its grounding nature. A pure fragrance made for soothing the soul. 

Used in Samsung stores across Australia, you can’t miss the warming citrus notes behind the bergamot smell that is the focus of this aromatic fragrance when you walk into one of their stores. Designed to uplift and revitalise those who enter for a pleasant, and as far as the scent experience goes, unforgettable experience.  

The Inspiration

He never minded the lengthy desert-viewed drive to nana’s house. It gave him five blissful hours of peace and the ability to be the DJ in his car without anyone complaining about his alternative indie-rock music preference. 

The visits to his nana’s house, he knew, were too few and far in-between. So, he made a habit of stopping at the back of a lavender farm every time he visited, to pick some fresh lavender for his nana. He hoped the farmer never caught him jumping his fence. 

Arriving at the old timber house in the country he always thought of fondly, as the sun was setting, he didn’t bother to knock. People who lived in the outback rarely locked their doors, a much more trusting world than the city he lived in. Plus, he knew she wouldn’t be inside for she was an outdoor kinda nana through and through. 

With the smell of something spicy and peppery wafting through the kitchen, he carefully picked his way through the old and cluttered house, so full of gifts, Knick knacks and trinkets from having a full life and well-over 20 grandchildren. He made his way straight to the noisy sliding door that would take him into the most welcoming backyard, full of hungry silkie chickens, and solar panelled garden ornaments to keep the stray cats at bay. 

He ducked under the damp clothes hanging on the clothesline and made a beeline for the almost ancient greenhouses his grandfather had built near 50 years ago. That’s where he always found nana. Sitting amongst the musky overgrown ferns and other emerald green plants he would never remember the name of. 

Here, in this garden, filled with the happiest childhood memories, he and his nana would spend the next few evenings laughing and talking, drinking lemon and peach iced tea as the hot summer sun tried to sneak through the climbing vines on the greenhouse windows. They played some card games too but he was glad to have old and fresh lavender nearby to calm their rising tempers when both hated to lose. 

The distinctive, and enticing, scents from his visits to nana’s house always lingered on the long drive home. He would feel at ease and smile the whole journey back to his life in the city, already eager for his next visit to the small town in the country he was so fond of.   

Is Blue Bergamot the Home Diffuser Oil for You?

Choosing the right scent diffuser oil is all about choosing something that makes you feel good when you breathe it in. Lemon, for example, is said to help you fight exhaustion and as such, citrus holds similar benefits. 

Many of the best home fragrances have citrus scents and lavender aromas imbued in their core ingredients. Both are popularly used as aromatherapy oils, essential oils, and, for Scent Australia, both citrus and lavender scents are used in many of our aroma fragrance oils and fragrance room sprays. 

Where lavender promotes relaxation, a bergamot smell stimulates uplifting feelings, cardamom has an intoxicating and fresh aroma, and musk brings a woody, earthy fragrance to the table that supports clarity. 

This luxury aroma diffuser oil, Blue Bergamot Oil, belongs in every home, office space, and storefront, and deserves to be paired with one of Scent Australia’s luxury diffusers. 

Try Blue Bergamot with a battery-powered diffuser, a simple yet elegant reed diffuser, an eco-friendly wood diffuser, or a micro or element diffuser for best results. 

Choosing how to scent a room can be simplified when you put it down to choosing the right scent for the mood you want to set in your scented room. Get in touch with Scent Australia home for personal fragrance consults, marketing enquiries, and to talk to our experienced team regarding our variety of available scents and how we can help you decide which alluring fragrance is right for you.