Dark Orchid Fragrance

The Creation

It’s hard to beat the warm and inviting aroma of truffles, like roasted walnuts on a cold Christmas day. Blended with the woody scent of fresh gardenia, fruity blackcurrant, floral ylang-ylang, and a citrusy bergamot aroma infused with mandarin orange. You won’t disagree that this invigorating aroma is here to warm up your senses. 

Undertones of Amalfi lemon and orchid truly bring out the healing citrus fragrance oil notes in Scent Australia’s Dark Orchard Oil, which is finished off with a delicious Mexican chocolate scent, spicy patchouli, the comforting scent of vanilla, and an arousing woody incense. 

However complex this aroma scent may sound, with multiple natural scents attached to its core, there is no denying that these fine fragrances work well together to create a welcoming, warm, and hospitable feel in the air. 


The Inspiration

“Do you prefer Christmas in the South, or Christmas in the North?”. It wasn’t an uncommon question to be asked. Being a traveller, he had spent Christmas in many regions while travelling for work as well as for leisure. But this time, the question was genuinely meaningful. 

Now, he was at a time in his life when he felt it was time to travel less and focus on where he wanted to settle. But where that could be, became the bigger question. He has family in many places, including Scotland, Ireland, England, some parts of Europe, Australia, and even New Zealand. 

All places meant a great deal to him, whether it be because of family, friends, experiences, or adventures. Each place he could easily call home. So, when a friend asked where he prefers Christmas, he began to imagine what he loved most about that special time of the year. 

In the north it was having the cold winter weather outside the window, while being warmed by the fireplace indoors, watching the snowflakes fall in a blizzard through the window. Collecting chestnuts to roast them in the evening, drinking heated blackcurrant and mulled wine to warm up your insides, and finishing the evening off with gooey, warm chocolate brownies. 

In the south, somewhere like Australia, he loved Christmas in Melbourne. Sometimes it rained, other years it was a glorious heat, the smell of barbeques and lemons wafting from every backyard. The heat could be strong enough that it almost smelled like fire and incense if you were close to the woods. 

Blooming gardenias and citrus trees would fill the garden with sweet floral fragrances, lemons are picked from lemon trees to slice and add to beverages for a refreshing kick. Though dessert is often a cooling vanilla ice-cream rather than something hot. 

It was a hard question to answer when he cherished memories and encounters with both seasons so much in his heart. So, instead of choosing, he replied “I’m going to figure out a way to have both”. 

Enlighten your Senses with Dark Orchard Oil

When you can’t decide which scent is right for you, consider Scent Australia’s Dark Orchard Oil, for it surely offers a little slice of something special from every corner of the world, tied to its indecisive yet aromatic nature. 

This may be the first time that Scent Australia’s Find Your Scent guide can’t assist with finding the perfect pure essential oil blend. Whether you fancy something curiously chocolatey with sweet vanilla, or perhaps your ideal scent is radiant with healing citruses accompanied by the floral essence of ylang-ylang, our premium Dark Orchard oil masterfully blends all your favourites into one exotic, and alluring, premium room fragrance like no other. 

Shoppers can buy perfume samples from Scent Australia in strip packs as well as spray scent packs and individual packs. Use these to bask in the affordable prospect of experiencing a variety of fragrances before making the difficult decision on which scented oil suits best. 

As well as finding a large range of high-quality fragrance oils, customers can team their chosen luxury-smelling essential oil with a premium diffuser from our wide range on the Scent Australia website

Although Dark Orchard Oil is not compatible with our selection of smart diffusers, there are numerous options available in our reed diffuser, wood diffuser, and battery-powered diffuser range to choose from. 

For those that love sugar, sweet, syrup, spice, and everything nice, look no further than our sumptuous Dark Orchard Oil to bring a taste of worldly opulence to the scented room of your choice.