Dream Oil

The Creation

To promote a truly natural room fragrance, Scent Australia has combined some of the more organic fragrances available to provide you with this luxury scent you won’t forget anytime soon, Dream Oil

Infused with amber and bergamot, this citrus-scented luxury oil wouldn’t be what it is without its fresh bergamot smell combined with a jasmine fragrance to lighten its tone. The amber scent is brought to life by a natural tea scent, which is then wonderfully complimented by a subtle earthy musk aroma.  

The fresh citrus notes are what turn this aromatic scent into a rejuvenating home aroma, fit for any household in need of regenerating and uplifting vibes. That’s why Dream Oil is the ambient scent used in Anytime Fitness gyms across Australia. 

The Inspiration

When he arrived at his local shopping centre, he hadn’t expected it to be so crowded. It was, after all, just a typical Sunday. From experience, he had known most people to go shopping on Saturdays or enjoy the late-night Friday shopping experience along with a dinner in the food court. 

Today, however, the centre was rammed with visitors, and he was ready to leave as soon as he walked in. It turns out, there was a massive end of financial year sale. He didn’t time this well, but he needed a birthday present for his father, so with a big, huge, breath in, he carried on to get it done. 

After only three stores, he decided it was time to take a break for lunch. What he truly needed was fresh air, something healthy, and a reason to carry on. Being pushed by rude shoppers passing by, walked into with a pram twice, and almost run over by a group of hurrying teenagers, he wasn’t sure he could go on any longer. 

With his salad sandwich in one hand and his black tea with two sugars in the other, he took to the outdoors to have his lunch in the crisp air outside. Autumn had left them in a hurry and winter was already in full swing at the beginning of June, so he was glad to be wearing warmer clothes with the breeze biting at his skin. 

The noise from the crowded shopping centre slowly faded as he walked a little further away, instead he was enchanted by the sound of acoustic music and two soft voices. Almost like the sound of Angus and Julia Stone. He continued to walk towards the sound, intent on finding out where it was coming from. 

Through a Cupressus lemon scent garden hedge, under a gazebo of bergamot blooms that were still hanging on to life before winter would take them, and around a lemon tree circled by a beautiful-but-dying jasmine garden, he found a small group of people of all ages sitting around the grass, listening intently to a duo of young adults playing their guitars and singing soft songs. 

He sat and ate his lunch, enjoying the ambience and feeling revitalised by the pleasant experience. Who would have thought, a healthy snack, fresh air in a dying garden that still smelled like mother nature at her finest moments, some soft music almost like a lullaby, and he was ready to go. 

Full of energy, he continued shopping and had everything he needed within the hour. Time to go home and get ready for his dad’s birthday dinner. 

Ready to Dream?

While citrus fragrance oils are commonly used for balancing moods and relieving stress, jasmine oils are said to have the same, or similar effects. These two unforgettable fragrant scents combined are said to improve moods and promote positivity, among other benefits not yet scientifically proven, when used for home scenting. 

The scent, Dream oil, is what we would call a dream scent, ready to turn your day into a day of peaceful bliss without the negative effects of stress, anxiety, and worry. 

Our quality fragrance oils are ready to be used for home scenting with our high-end reed diffusers, as a luxury 50ml room spray, and as a fragrant oil for diffusers. If you’re unsure where to buy diffusers, Scent Australia has a wide range of home diffusers, and office diffusers, from wooden oils diffusers to battery-operated diffusers and more. 

You’ll find Dream Oil in our luxury range of scented oils for diffusers, along with numerous other fragrant oils which you can purchase online, or visit one of our stores so you can smell the revitalising effects of Dream Oil in store before you buy.