Fig & Sandalwood Fragrance

The Creation

Natural and earthy sandalwood oil creates a mindful clarity for your mental and physical health. A deep, woody and rich scent with hints of the fragrant floral greenery, and delightful sap that nature gladly provides, add a touch of relaxation and comfort to your senses. 

Combined with the sweetness of fruity and creamy fig essence to invigorate and energize your wellbeing, this aromatic creation delivers fresh and calming benefits to soothe, relieve, and rejuvenate. 

More than just a fig perfume oil, or a sandalwood perfume oil, the combination of this sweet, fruity, and unpretentious aroma fragrance is enough to heighten the senses, ready for a teaspoon of vanilla oil. 


The Inspiration

He used to run through the fields, over green hills dotted with wild ox-eye daisies and milk thistle. Not caring if the thistles dared to pierce his small bare feet. As a child, not much can hurt you, especially not a little prickle from a pretty flower. 

Those were his favourite days, visiting the wilderness, running to the edge of the forest with his family trailing behind, urging him to wait for them but being too far ahead already. 

The woods called to him like a moth to flame. The rich and thick scent of the sandalwood shrubs, the sweet and sticky sap running down the length of the tallest tree trunks, sharing the tree’s blood with new buds ready to grow from the nutrients and minerals of the sap.  

How could one not feel energized around so much life? Mother nature is a provider and she was offering not just the fruits of wild-growing fig-trees, but vitality, strength, energy, and time that day, as she does every day if you take the time to sit, listen, and let it sink in. Nature has a way of guiding people when they need it.

Barefoot he would explore, autumn leaves crunching beneath his heavy feet. Bark and mildew caught between his little toes; freedom was his friend. 

Far away in the present day, he opened his eyes, bringing himself back to where he sat at his desk in his city office. He could still smell the forest from his daydream. The sweet memory of his childhood still lingering on his senses. 

His grown-up polished shoes suddenly felt constricting on his now much larger feet. How he longed to feel the moss and grass beneath his feet again like those contented days of his happy childhood. 

Taking his shoes off under the desk, he grabbed his phone out of his pocket and dialled the only phone number he knew by heart. “Mum, I’d like to come and visit home this weekend”. 

Is Fig and Sandalwood the Scent for You?

Choosing the right oil fragrance for a home can be a daunting and time-consuming process. Scent Australia offers a cost-effective opportunity to try the pure fragrance of Fig and Sandalwood diffuser oil with our fragrance sample range of 2ml spray packs, spray individuals, and perfume sample strip packs and individuals. 

A fig and sandalwood room fragrance is subtle and delicate, helping to ease tension, stress, and anxiety one aroma oil, room spray, or oil fragrance diffuser at a time. 

Scent Australia has a wide range of scented aromas that go well with our numerous diffusers including: smart diffusers, reed diffusers, powered diffusers, and wood diffusers along with the available range of our luxury room sprays and premium room sprays

If you’re searching for a natural room fragrance with an Australian forest scent that enhances your earthy room aroma, fig and sandalwood with a quality dispenser is the scent solution for you.