Home Sweet Home: 7 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Like Domestic Bliss

The best homemakers know that no home is complete without a beautiful, welcoming scent. The right scents uplift moods, put guests at ease, and help forge even stronger memories. Though there are many ways to make your home smell sweet, here are 7 popular options.



Cooking up a storm in the kitchen is a surefire way to give your abode a cosy, welcoming scent (and get mouths watering). Though nothing quite beats tantalising aromas from the kitchen, there are plenty of other ways to scent your house around the clock – and they don’t require doing the dishes!


Chemical spray diffusers

Chemical diffusers are a powerful way to cover odours in tight, airless rooms like bathrooms, but not quite as gentle or ambient for the scenting the rest of the house.


Aroma oil diffusers

Ever used a humidifier in your home before? An aroma oil diffuser is technically a small humidifier, into which you add essential oils. Apart from the aroma, different aroma oils have different uses. Some are anti-bacterial and anti-viral, others are pest repellents. Meanwhile, others act as relaxants and pain relievers.

These diffusers run quietly round the clock to provide a gentle smell throughout your home. aroma oil diffusers are by far the best way to scent your home full-time, and give you the flexibility of changing scents whenever you desire.

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Reed diffusers

A great option for long-lasting scent is reed diffusers. Reed diffusers contain concentrated aroma oils in a glass bottle. Diffuser reed sticks are then partly doused in the oil. The oil flows up through the sticks, where it evaporates and permeates the air, filling the room with fragrance.

These are best in high-traffic areas, or rooms that don’t get a lot of use. How many times have you been slapped by the musty smell of basements and attics right at the door? Or had to endure unpleasant odours in the bathroom? The downside of reed diffusers lies in its permanent nature—to change scents, you’ll need to buy new reeds, as well as new oil.

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Incense is typically a plant-based substance that produces a fragrance when burned. A tool used by the ancients, incense is a staple in many religious and healing ceremonies. Despite its ancient heritage, incense has been found to pose health risks. The smoke produced by incense sticks can irritate lungs, leading to inflammation.


Scented candles

Simple and effective, scented candles have graced homes for centuries. Candles are ambient and can last for significant amounts of time, though they’re not the most convenient (or safest) option for round-the-clock scenting. However, the right candle is sure to go that extra mile in setting the mood.

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Wax warmers

Wax warmers are diffusers that hold scented wax or aroma oils in a dish, heated underneath by a small tea light candle. The candle heats the dish, melting the wax and causing the scent to permeate the room. The smell is often stronger than a scented candle alone, making it a great option for short-term, ambient scent.