How Does A Reed Diffuser Work?

Reed diffusers are a popular choice for homeowners because they are safe, easy to use, and they provide vibrant scents that will permeate your rooms. They are environmentally friendly, and you won’t have to worry about soot getting into your furniture or walls.

These types of diffusers can be used for up to 4 months because they are very friendly to the environment. They are DPG-free and alcohol-free, so you won’t have to worry about adverse effects to you and your family, either.

How Does a Reed Diffuser Work?

There is no machinery or heat involved in reed diffusers, so they are perfectly safe to leave in a room for weeks at a time. The reeds are immersed in the fragrance bottle so they can soak up the diffuser oil. After 24 hours, you can flip the reeds to disperse the scent across your room!

Place your reed diffuser in a high traffic area so that the scent will circulate better. However, don’t place it near an air conditioning unit or radiator so that you won’t lose the fragrance prematurely.

To keep your furniture safe from dripping oil, keep a coaster or a mat underneath your reed diffuser. When it’s time to flip the reeds, do it over a sink so the excess oil will quickly wash off and won’t stain your furniture.

Reeds can last for several months, so you can use them across multiple bottles of fragrance. If you want to change the diffuser oil, make sure to use fresh reeds so you can enjoy your new scent without the old odour getting in the way.

sensual woods

Sensual Woods Reed Diffuser

How Long Do Reed Diffusers Last?

Aromatherapists recommend diffusing for one hour at most. Given that usage statistic, a 100 ml bottle of diffuser oil can generally last between 2-4 months. Of course, the length of time depends mainly on certain environmental factors as well, such as the size of the room, air conditioning, central heating, and whether or not you keep your doors open for extended periods.

To refresh the scent, you need to turn the sticks at least once a week. This way, all parts of the reeds will absorb the scent and effectively diffuse it across your room.

If you want to diffuse the scent into a larger room, you can place one reed diffuser at opposite corners so you can get an optimum amount of fragrance no matter where you sit or stand. You can also put more reed sticks in the bottle to really increase the intensity.

However, keep in mind that if you use more than 4 or 5 reeds, you will run out of oil much more quickly! If you are only diffusing scent in a small space such as a bathroom, you just need one to three reed sticks to achieve your desired effect.

For maximum efficiency, it’s important to balance out the number of reeds and amount of oil with the size of the room.

santal 66

Santal 66 Reed Diffuser


Reed diffusers are a safe, healthy, and environment-friendly way you can diffuse scent in various rooms in your home. Generally, a 100 ml bottle of diffuser oil should last you at least two months.

However, take note that the length of time depends on the size of the room and the number of reeds you use. If you scent a small space, just three reeds or less should be more than enough to last several months.

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