How To Find The Best Fragrance For Men In Australia?

Finding the perfect fragrance for the man in your life can be a daunting task. To help you navigate this, Scent Australia Home has put together a guide of our top tips and tricks for gifting a fragrance.

How To Find A Perfect Fragrance For Men?

The ‘perfect’ fragrance will change, depending on mood, style, and personality. So, whether you’re shopping for your father, brother, boyfriend, or husband, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Understand their likes, hobbies and interests. If they are athletic or active, they are bound to appreciate citrus, minty, or fresh fragrances. Similarly, if they are artists, they might prefer a mix of blissful fragrances. A reader or businessman often prefers musky and earthly scents. 
  • Pay attention to the fragrances they already use. Once you get a good idea of what they use, it will be easier to find it. If you need a little help, you can use a scent finder. 
  • As a final tip, try to mix it up a little. No man in this world likes to use the same scent throughout life. He is bound to change it sooner or later. So, mixing it up according to the mood could be a great idea

Best List Of Fragrances For Men:

Noir Oil. 

Almost any man in this world will fall in love with Noir Oil. The musky mix of tobacco, hay and vetiver resonates with the men’s sensual scent. Fig, bay leaf and bergamot in the blend makes it an extraordinary selection. 

Santal Oil

Sandalwood never ceases to amaze men. Mix it with Virginia cedar and cardamom, and you get yourself a soothing scent. You have something truly outstanding with the musky leather, sensual amber, and pleasant iris. Let’s not forget violet and papyrus. 

Light Turquoise Oil

Perhaps you’d like something more ‘zesty’ and active. Here’s the one with fruity notes and floral scents in the mix of a fresh splash of cedar and south woods. This is a perfect choice for any man with an eccentric personality. 

Tabac Amber

A full-fledged tobacco amber body mixed with lavender and agarwood. Complemented with cedarwood linger and vanilla-vetiver. This is another potent mix of scents and oils for men that genuinely enhances their personality. 

Bois Secret

A simple mix of lavender with Cypress. This boyish scent comes with patchouli and incense. To top it off, you get the same manly must. This would blend perfectly with anyone.