Serenity At Home - How to Make Your Living Space Smell Like A Spa

The first thing that most people notice when they walk into the spa is the incredible aroma that envelops the area. The calming fragrance immediately puts you at ease, making you feel relaxed throughout your stay. Creating this atmosphere is crucial to every spa, as it’s one of the first places people go to for de-stressing and unwinding.

If you’re a big fan of a spa’s ambience, why not bring it home?

With a few fragrance oils from Melbourne and lighting it up with some gorgeous candles, your home will smell and feel like a spa. Here are four tricks to make that happen:

1. Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are the quickest and most affordable way to make your home smell exactly like a spa. Regularly diffusing them will make your living space feel fresh and calming, helping you and your household relax all the time.

Many spas combine lavender and eucalyptus to generate a calming atmosphere, but the best part about essential oils is that you can experiment to find what best fits you.

A fantastic blend you can try is a mix of five drops each of lavender and eucalyptus, three drops of orange, and two drops of peppermint essential oil into your essential oil diffuser. It produces a unique scent that will make you feel serene wherever you put your diffuser.

Essential oil

Essential Oil

2. Purchase an Air Purifier

If you have a smell in your home you’d like to eliminate first before integrating it with spa scents; your best bet will be to purchase an air purifier. This nifty device eliminates all the unwanted smells from your home, deodorising your house.

It’s also wonderful to remove dust, pet dander, and other particles in your home atmosphere that may compromise the air quality. This item will come in handy if you’re highly allergic or have any pets.

With an air purifier, you can prep your living space air to absorb all the beautiful smells you’ll be setting up. You’ll enjoy fresher, cleaner air that’s not only better for your physical health, but your mental wellbeing! 

3. Buy Luxury Candles 

Luxury candles in Australia come in wide varieties, allowing you to choose ones that produce the fragrance you want the most. They can also make a room feel tranquil and comfortable immediately, thanks to its soft, warm light. Candles are also incredibly mesmerising to watch, as observing the flame flicker and sway can even help you relax! To help you loosen up more, you can buy candles in Australia on Afterpay, so you don’t have to worry about paying for all of them.

Be sure to position your candles in strategic places away from flammable materials to enjoy the best results. They’re lovely for winding down in the evening or even enjoying a candlelit dinner with your friends and family.

4. Invest in Good-Smelling Beauty Products

It’s worth mentioning that there have been different studies over the years proving the effect of rosemary oil on a person’s mood.

These studies revealed that rosemary oil can positively impact the brain’s wave activity as well as the autonomic nervous system. Aside from that, other research studies are showing the effectiveness of this essential oil in improving focus and memory.

If you are preparing for a major exam, using rosemary oil through aromatherapy is a relaxing yet enjoyable way to uplift your mood for studying! 



Turning your living space into a spa is the ultimate way to feel calm and cosy at all times. Fortunately, you don’t have to tear down your walls to make it resemble a spa—it’s all in the set-up and ambience. With these great tips, you’ll transform your home into a tranquil hideaway in no time!

Scent Australia sells essential oils, reed diffuser kits, diffusers, and luxury candles in Australia. With our vast range of products, starting from scent packs to room sprays, you’ll surely enjoy a serene space in your home.

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Make Your Living Space Smell Like A Spa