How to Refill and Reuse Your Reed Diffusers in 3 Steps

Your home is your safe space where you can relax after a tiring day. No homeowner would want a foul odour to greet them at the door, whether it's the awful smell from the bin or dirty laundry. Fortunately, lighting a reed diffuser in your home can drive away the dreadful smells and let you relax better.

From office storage and organisation to drinking glasses and growing plants, there are different ways to repurpose an empty candle glass. And you might wonder, "Can I reuse and refill my reed diffusers?" Yes, you can!

This article will define reed diffusers, how to refill and reuse them, and answer if you can reuse diffuser reeds. 

What is a Reed Diffuser?

Reed diffusers are well-known home fragrance products allowing the aroma to spread into the air throughout an entire room or area. Unlike scented candles, reed diffusers produce longer-lasting scents and don't need an open flame.

While reed diffusers come in different shapes and sizes, they all have three main components: reed sticks, fragrance oils, and the vessel to hold everything together. 

How to Refill and Reuse Your Reed Diffusers in 3 Steps

Reed diffusers won't last forever, even if you follow all tips and tricks to maintain their oils and reeds. However, it can be challenging to let it go, especially if you feel sentimental or nostalgic about your reed diffuser.

Fortunately, this section will walk you through three steps to refilling and reusing your reed diffusers. 

  1. Clean the Diffuser Bottle

Whenever you use a diffuser, the essential oils scatter into the air and eventually make their way onto the bottle. These oils can eventually build up and clog, making it difficult for the diffuser to function correctly. Thoroughly cleaning the bottle before refilling and reusing it can ensure smooth functioning.

First, wash and soak the diffuser bottle after combining hot water and dishwashing liquid. Thoroughly rinse the vessel and let it dry completely. Repeat the process if you want to use another oil blend, and it still has the previous scent.

You must also ensure to wash all decorative accessories. Some bottles may have pebbles, tassels, and charms at the bottom. More brittle items will keep the previous scent, so you must decide if you want to throw them away.

Fortunately, you can always create more personalised accessories or pick up new ones from your local craft store!

  1. Concoct a New Oil Blend

After cleaning your bottle and letting it dry, you can now create a new oil blend!

While the easiest way to get a new oil is by buying from a local home decor store or fragrance shop, you can also create a DIY blend using carrier and fragrance oils. There's an art to mixing fragrance oils, so ensure that you follow the basic steps and combine them correctly.

We also suggest making the oil blend in a separate container and storing it in a safe place for future refills. 

  1. Add the Oil and Reeds

Lastly, you can pour it into your reed diffuser's repurposed bottle once you find an aromatic scent. Use a funnel to carefully pour the liquid mixture to ensure no spilling if you made a fresh batch in a large container.

Then, slip a few fresh reeds into the oil. While they can take some time to absorb, your home will smell fresh again once they do. 

Are Diffuser Reeds Reusable?

While refilling your reed diffuser, you might wonder, "Can I reuse my diffuser reeds?" Unfortunately, you can't. Once they absorb a specific scent, you wouldn't want to reuse them in another oil. And you can't wash out the oils, even if you soak them in water.

Fortunately, reeds are inexpensive and easy to replace. So do yourself a favour and buy some from your local scenting company!

Attracting Aromatic Scents

Homeowners want to arrive at a pleasant-smelling house after a stressful day at work. Fragrance oils in reed diffusers can make their me-time more meaningful.

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