Is There a Way for Room Spray to Actually Last Longer

Room spray can help to refresh spaces in a matter of seconds, giving off a pronounced freshness instead. It's the best way for bedrooms, bathrooms, and the like to feel revitalised. That said, many people are often left confused as to whether or not it's possible to extend the period between sprays so that the scents can be conserved as best as possible.

The answer, thankfully, is yes! There are amazing scents out there with aromas so complex they can pass as a natural perfume.

Improving the Longevity of Your Room Spray

Room spray aroma lasts for a day up to three days when sprayed, more often than not. The actual lasting period depends on the space's air circulation. Sprayed on bedding or other fabrics, the aroma of room spray can last up to a week or so!

In this blog, we're going to explore how to make the most of room spray's staying power. Following expert tips will also help to save resources such as funds and time. Here are some key pieces of advice:

  • Bring It To Bed
  • No, of course, we don't mean literally taking the bottle to bed with you! It's just that room sprays last longer on fabrics than in the air. This means that it's a smart idea to use linen sprays or pillow sprays for a calming aroma on beddings. 

  • Consider Aroma Layering
  • A good way to offset room spray use is aromatic layering. Diffusing can take some pressure off the room spray. In many ways, it's like giving the scent or aroma you want a support system.

  • Make Use of Cloth and Linens
  • While it makes perfect sense just to spritz room sprays into the air in your space, there's another way to go about things. Room sprays actually work better when you spray them onto linens and fabrics. They will eventually dissolve in the air, but the scent can absorb into fabrics, giving them a longer lifespan.

    Putting a few pumps on an extra piece of cloth before storing it in a cupboard or closet will also help the space smell good for much longer.

  • When Spritzing, Don't Go All Out
  • For the most part, room sprays are usually potent. It can be tempting to spray a large amount of the products, especially since every spritz brings on a fresh burst of the wonderful scent. However, in order to have a lasting effect, it's not necessary to go all out! Just a few pumps will already go a long way.

    Room spray ingredients are usually listed on the label, meaning what's being added to the overall aroma of a home won't have to be a guessing game.


    Room sprays are a great way to build up any space, coming in a wide array of scents. It's no wonder that people are often looking for ways to prolong their scent with each spray into a room. Key tips for prolonging room spray aromas include making use of cloths and linens, not going all out when spritzing, and using it on beddings.

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