Jardin De Carthage

The Creation

When flora meets fauna meets earth, we give you the Intercontinental Hotel Signature scent, Jardin De Carthage, a fragrance created by Scent Australia. The luxury of this aroma oil speaks volumes about its host’s extravagant taste. 

Orange blossom and bergamot perfume are the head of the house in this rejuvenating fragrance with a rose scent not trailing too far behind. Catching up, you’ll be invigorated with amber scent, woody cedarwood, and earthy musk, bringing you back to this essential oil’s natural roots and grounding you to your affirmations. 

Jardin for ‘garden’, and Carthage for ‘new’, together, create an alluring fragrant aroma that brings all the wonderful benefits of the outside world into your scented room home fragrance. 

The Inspiration

There was a time he didn’t like to leave the house. His home was his comfort, his safe space, his happy place. He would drive his wife wherever she wanted to go, then drive home, then pick her up when she called. 

For years she begged him to come to the city with her and stay a night or two. Even when they visited their grown children, who had children of their own, he would rather drive the three-hour journey home under the stars to sleep in his own bed. 

Home had familiar scents. Home had his beloved garden full of fruits, vegetables, and colourful scented blooms, home had happy memories and good food. He never understood why people had homes if they weren’t fond of spending time in them. But when his wife’s sadness started to take over, he decided to take the leap and surprise her with a cruise. 

When he gifted her the tickets for their anniversary, he realised he hadn’t seen her smile so beautifully bright in months. This was a good thing, a scary thing, but a good thing. 

The day they were to set sail aboard the cruise ship arrived quickly and they were boarding the boat with their luggage in hand not a month later. A crisp early spring morning, maybe too cold for swimming in the tropical island beaches they were to visit, but certainly not too cold for the swimming pool. 

Missing home already and fearing the next two weeks would not be over soon enough, he entered the room feeling glum. Though he wanted to hide it from his wife, upon entering, he smelt something familiar in the air. He had no glumness to hide for the scent was that of home. 

He detected a hint of cedarwood and musk, like that of his greenhouse in the garden. Then there was a bouquet of fresh flowers on the bedside table, a gorgeous large glass vase full of orange blossoms, jasmine blooms, and roses. He wasn’t sure how they did it or how they knew his favourite scents, but he was impressed to say the least. 

He was so pleased with the room, that as they unpacked, he didn’t notice his wife handing a large tip to a staff member that came to check they were settling in okay. Mumbling something to each other and extending their gratitude, his wife turned around beaming a sly smile on her face. 

Sometimes the things wives do for their husbands and vice versa go unnoticed, but it’s the joy on their partner’s faces when they’ve made them delightfully happy that surpasses the need for recognition. She left him in the room, book in hand, and said she’ll be at the pool if he needed her. 

Fancy Some Luxury in your Life?

More than just a room freshener, fragrance oils are said to provoke and inspire mood changes and memory. With hundreds of available luxury diffuser oils in the Scent Australia Home scent store, there is sure to be a scented oil or two that will gratify your mood. 

Just like Jardin De Carthage for the Intercontinental Hotel, we create numerous signature fragrances to suit the tastes of everyone. You can design your own signature scent with our professional and experienced team at Scent Australia or buy scents online when you browse through the huge range we have on offer. 

Scenting your home or office space can be made easier when you pair your luxury diffuser oils with a luxury diffuser!

From our range of wood diffusers, electric oil diffusers, reed diffusers, and smart diffusers, there isn’t much you won’t find to complete your Jardin room. 

Jardin De Carthage is not merely a jasmine diffuser oil with a bergamot smell, nor is it simply a room fragrance, Jardin De Carthage brings you nature in all its stress-reducing glory for the wellbeing of your mind, body, and soul.