Light Turquoise Fragrance

The Creation

This simple, yet effective, aromatic fragrance of citrusy lime and uncomplicated cedar provide an effortless and fresh fragrance for the outdoor lover. 

When combined, cedar, the smell of fresh pencil shavings, and lime, a sweet-scented and beneficial aromatherapy oil, give the effect of being on a relaxing seaside holiday. 

Taking inspiration from designer Dolce and Gabbana’s Light Blue citrus-scented perfume, Light Turquoise diffuser oil by Scent Australia promotes a relaxing scent, with an uplifting lime fragrance that alleviates stress and leaves only room for positive energy. 

Commonly used in essential oil formulas, cedar is infused to enhance mental clarity, focus, and peace, while lime has historically been used for medicinal purposes, promoting good health, and relieving physical and emotional stressors. 

The Inspiration

Locked in its protective housing, he clicked on his camera each time he spotted something new and remarkable under the turquoise ocean water. Clear water that only reflected the blue from the summer skies known to Sicily’s Mediterranean climate. Rarely angry, today as ever, the sea was its usual calm and fortunate self. 

Sipping cold water with ice cubes and a slice of lime at the hotel bar. He wasn’t going to swim today, but the refreshing smell of the salty ocean air called to him. 

He clicked at the view, he clicked at the coral, he clicked at the slow-moving therapeutic waves, he clicked at families enjoying the heat of summer by the sea. 

Taking himself and his treasured camera back to the shore, slowly, for who would want to leave such peaceful, salty, and tranquil waters on a hot Italian summer day. He noticed an addition to his belongings on the beach that hadn’t been there before. 

A single page of a drawing of himself and his camera in the water. A beautiful sketch, with detailed and intricate lines, only a talented artist could have created. As he looked around to find who had sketched the elegant drawing, the only lingering evidence of an artist having been on the beach was fresh pencil sharpenings blowing across the sand in the light breeze. 

Is Light Turquoise Oil your Scent?

It never hurts to get some help when choosing the right scent for your home fragrance oil. Scent Australia offers numerous options to assist you when it comes to the perfect scent. From our fragrance samples to our Find Your Scent guide, and to getting in touch with our dedicated team members, help is available in many forms. 

Fragrance samples can be purchased as spray packs, spray individuals, strip packs, and strip individuals, for your convenience and ease of use before deciding which fragrant oil will suit you and your space best.  

Available in our luxury diffuser oil range, Light Turquoise Oil brings the magnificence of the Sicilian seaside right to your doorstep. If you could take the light and breezy fragrance of the summer ocean air home with you in a bottle, you would call it Scent Australia’s Light Turquoise fragrance oil

Paired with a diffuser from our quality diffuser range such as the reed diffusers or wood diffusers, the ambiance of your scented room is one that will have you feeling like you’re on a relaxing holiday right on the beach of Italy’s famous province of Sicily. 

Light Turquoise is also available for sale online in our luxury range room spray collection, so the scent of your room is in your control. 

No matter your scent style, or desired house aroma, Scent Australia has hundreds of aromatic scents to choose from. From romantic candle scents to tropical coconut home fragrances and more, if Light Turquoise Oil is not the scent for you, which we doubt very much, we will find you one that is.