Mademoiselle Fragrance

The Creation

When a citrus floral perfume meets the sweet but peppery aroma of pink berries, carrying with it the beautiful base notes of vanilla and amber, Scent Australia presents you with Mademoiselle Fragrance Oil.

Blossoming rose, spring-like jasmine and lily mixed with warm vanilla, give this alluring scent its romanticism. While mandarin and pink berries mingle with this aromatic fragrance oil, housing a citrus scent to uplift, cheer, and improve the ambience of any room and in turn, any emotion. 

The Inspiration

As he quietly wandered through the aisles of his local Sunday market, fresh and invigorating fragrances began to fill his senses. Scents that his whole being could not ignore for they were too captivating not to be consumed. 

Keeping his pace slow, even, and unhurried so as not to miss anything that might catch his eye, he continued to follow the all-consuming sweet and delicious aura that caught his nose’s attention. 

Roaming along stalls packed with uplifting and lively coloured candles that boasted romantic vanilla essences, rose, amber, and lily-scented homemade soaps. A curation delicately placed where people could easily reach their noses closer for a good inhale of floral splendour, he couldn’t tell what scent first captivated him for they were all captivating. 

As he, at last, came to the end of the tented and canopy-covered aisle, bright sunshine and green grass welcomed him to the fruit and vegetable section of the market. What he had come to the market for in the first place was to stock up his pantry with freshly picked foods that would nourish and sustain himself and his guests, for he loved to throw a dinner party for family and friends. 

Along with his favourite vegetables, he imagined that the last week of summer should be celebrated with refreshing summer fruits for dessert. Picking the juiciest mandarins and an assortment of strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries, he came across pink-coloured berries he had never seen before. 

The farmer at the stall noticed his piqued interest and kindly offered “picked from evergreen pepper shrubs, they’re sweeter than sour blueberries, with a hint of pepper and a fruity appeal to the tastebuds. Here, take a punnet for free and if you like them, you’ll come back to my stall for future business.” Delighted with the offer he said “thank you mademoiselle” and swore he’d return. 

With a smile on his face and a heart full of gratitude, he left the market, sad that his next visit was a whole week away and already knowing that he would take himself straight back to that same stall. 

The punnet of pink berries was finished before he even reached home…

How to Use Mademoiselle Fragrance Oil

Combine one of our luxury room diffusers with this sweet vanilla, mandarin scent, and rose berry oil, for the perfect refreshing house aroma. Among our range of fragrant oils, Mademoiselle is sure to impress your senses with its citrus floral perfume benefits that have been known to reduce stress, promote a healthy immune system, and provide a good night’s sleep. 

Teamed with one of our aromatic diffusers such as the elegant glass reed diffuser, or perhaps even a nature-friendly wood diffuser for the pro environmentalist types, Mademoiselle provides a fragrant aroma ready to restore, revitalise your senses, and create a romantic ambience in the room. 

Also available in a 50ml room spray impression, the sweet fragrance of Mademoiselle is one of the best rose room sprays combined with a lily room spray and the citrus scent of fresh mandarin, the pine of amber scent, and leading tones of the romantic and aromatic fragrance of vanilla. 

Strengthen the aroma of your home or office space with our premium fragrance oils range, joined with a Scent Australia fragrant oil diffuser and you, monsieur, or mademoiselle, will not be disappointed in the results.