Milagrito Oil

The Creation

Invigorate your senses with the sweet fragrance of this citrus floral perfume aroma oil by Scent Australia. Teamed with the fragrant scents of fresh citrus, floral hues, and honey-sweet patisserie, Milagrito oil is the scent of relaxation and simple pleasures. 

Take a chapter out of the fashion capital’s marketing book, Chadstone shopping centre uses Scent Australia’s Milagrito Oil for premium scenting throughout its famous interior. 

Traditionally used for its uplifting and rejuvenating benefits, the citrus fragrance is a favourite in ambient scenting for home and office scent diffusers. Equally as uplifting and intoxicating, aroma fragrance oils with floral notes provide lasting scents most known for improving moods and emotional health. 

Found in our selection of premium fragrance oils, Milagrito oil, infused with Arabian jasmine oil, truly is one of the premium scents to use in aromatherapy scent diffusers. 

The Inspiration

He didn’t holiday often, there was never any time with how much he worked. Although he travelled for business, he rarely had the opportunity to explore the new destinations he was sent to. It was all work and no play. 

So when he accumulated so many hours that he was forced to take leave from work, he decided he would take a holiday to relax, rather than an active holiday for extreme sports and hiking like many of his friends did. 

After a 7-hour flight, a two-hour tuk-tuk drive, and a few brief thoughts of “what am I doing here”, he arrived at the most hospitable and luxurious resort he had ever dreamed of. He took little notice of the features of the resort when booking because it was a recommendation from a friend. 

He was welcomed with a cold face washer that smelled like freshly squeezed limes and a glass of cold honey ice tea, topped with a bright and aromatic tropical hibiscus flower. He was sat in the air conditioned foyer, an undercover area held up by strong marble and wooden posts and no walls.

After he was checked in and given a welcome shell necklace, he was taken through the main area of the resort for a short tour of the resort’s amenities. His bags were taken to the room ahead of his arrival and before long he was led from the hotel lobby to a small golf cart that would take him to his room.

The resort was luxurious in its simplicity. From subtle beiges and browns with small splashes of colour found in the garden beds lining the narrow pathway, and a small fence lined alongside a large pond that wrapped around the whole length of the resort, filled with an array of tropical fish, to the cobblestone walkways that lead to each small villa within the resort. 

The air was fresh and salty, the ocean not too far away. The cool breeze on his skin was welcoming under the heat of the summer Mauritian sun. Flower beds and trees bursting with florals and fruits were filled with colourful butterflies, bees, and birds. 

He immediately felt goosebumps on his arms when the bellhop opened the door to his little thatch-roof villa. The cold air in the room was a nice change from the belting sun outside. Walking across the cool glossy white tiles, he opened the wide double doors to his garden balcony and stepped outside. 

With the clearest beach water in the distance, and some carefree laughter coming from the pool nearby, he set himself down under what looked like a grapefruit tree. He breathed out a breath he hadn’t realised he’d been holding. 

The weight of years of hard work and little to no breaks in between suddenly lifted off his shoulders.


Are you ready to relax with Milagrito Oil?

The fragrant aroma of Milagrito is one of the luxury home scents by Scent Australia that can be used for the ultimate respite. As far as relaxing scents go, when paired with a battery-operated diffuser or elegant reed diffuser, Milagrito is the citrus fragrance oil everyone could use in their fragrance home diffuser. 

Try Milagrito before you buy it with a spray sample, or a sample strip pack along with other premium oils in room fragrances you feel are calling your name. 

Milagrito is an oil diffuser scent that will suit home diffusers across the nation for its relaxing benefits on the mind, body, and soul. 

If you’re in need of a scent that supports you to wind down for the day, calms and restores your emotions, and improves your self-esteem, Milagrito is the ideal scent for your home.