Mint and Jasmine Fragrance

The Creation

Rich and sweet, the sensual fragrance of jasmine gives Scent Australia’s Mint and Jasmine Oil an exotic and floral charm. Teamed with freshly invigorating mint leaves and infused with just a hint of mate leaf, this aroma oil will take your senses to an exhilarating new world. 

Much like the profits of green tea found in mate leaf, this fragrance oil found in our Luxury Range might just make you feel good enough to improve your brain function and enhance some health benefits. 

As partners, mint and jasmine oil produce a calming, soothing, and unequivocal relaxing scent to make even the most uneasy circumstances comfortable. 

The Inspiration

He moved around a lot for work in the beginning. Hotel after hotel, restaurant after café, plane after train. It was a life he thought he wanted, until the stuffy airport air, uncomfortable hotel pillows, and lack of home-cooked meals began to take a negative effect on his mental and physical health. 

When he was sent to Perth for work in the middle of spring, there were no affordable hotels available. Work booked him into an Airbnb instead, he thought no matter, home-cooked meals, and fresh backyard air would be better anyway. 

Upon arrival, he was greeted by a beautiful older woman, late 70s perhaps, who would not shake his hand out of politeness of hers being so dirty with soil and dirt. She had a kind smile, and as she showed him around the home, he thought he was following an ambrosial scented perfume. 

When he casually asked about the soil on her hands, she took him to the garden. Elaborate and beautiful were the first words that came to mind. The alluring scent of white jasmine took over his senses as he realised this is what the homeowner smelled like. It was no mere man-made aroma perfume oil, it was the vines of jasmine climbing every visible, or invisible, wall on every side of the yard. 

Upon entering the small herbal greenhouse, the refreshing scent of mint took over where the jasmine still lingered slightly by the doorway. He had never seen such an exquisite garden with everything he needed for cooking right there before him. Vegetables, fruits, herbs, it was all there in this one small yet worldly oasis. 

As he sat down for dinner that night, ready to devour his roasted vegetables all harvested from the garden on his current doorstep, he added a small handful of mint leaves to his homemade green tea. 

This, he decided, is the life he would strive to live when he returned home. A life where having the most abundant and scented space for a garden would nourish his mind, body, and spirit, after any type of working day.  

Is Mint and Jasmine the Scent You’ve Been Searching For?

The right scent can arouse pleasant feelings and emotions. The numerous benefits of home fragrances go much further than just producing an enjoyable and welcoming scent for yourself and your guests. 

Much like the benefits of aroma oils, the right aromatic oil can put you at ease, improve your mindset and mental well-being, calm the mind and body, and evoke stimulating reactions.

Due to its comforting effects, mint and jasmine oil is a good match of air fragrance for home and office use. 

Although Scent Australia’s 15ml mint and jasmine oil is not compatible with every available scent diffuser we have on offer, there are multiple fragrant diffusers to choose from for optimal results. From our range of wooden diffusers, reed diffusers, and some powered diffusers, you will be able to find and select your preferred option of quality diffusers we have on offer. 

If an aromatic diffuser is not your preference, Scent Australia also has a range of room sprays on offer, where you will find our invigorating 50ml mint and jasmine oil in the luxury room spray range. 

If you’re battling for choice, before you purchase one of our high-quality fragrance oils you can purchase our cost-effective fragrance samples. Made available in spray and strip packs and individuals, like perfume tester strips. 

Our Find Your Scent guide also offers a quick and easy questionnaire to assist you in finding a scented smell matched to you and what suits your inclination best.