Myrrh, Tonka, & Spice Fragrance

The Creation

The cooling and sweet fragrance of myrrh is the breadwinner of this essential oil by Scent Australia. With a vanilla richness of heliotrope, floral magnolia, and sensual jasmine, this fragrant oil brings a healing tenderness to the atmosphere. 

Undertones of spicy and woody tonka bean infused with touches of a pine-like amber scent and combined with the earthy scent of vetiver bring the sweetness of Myrrh, Tonka, and Spice Oil down a notch to better enhance the warmth of this diffuser oil fragrance. 

Much like Myrrh and Tonka by Jo Malone, Myrrh, Tonka, and Spice Oil is an aroma that perfectly combines spicy, sweet, and floral-scented aromas like no other scent can, and is a smooth and intoxicating mystery. 

The Inspiration

The warm and sweet medicine-like scent that filled his senses when he walked through the door made him feel as though he had walked straight into a tree-filled forest. A small bowl sits idly at the door, the earth-like woody scent of myrrh not needing much else but to be walked past to smell and feel its healing benefits. 

The strong aroma, myrrh, the gift of kings, and the wood pine walls made it easy for the class to believe they were outside among the earth and nature when they closed their eyes. “Breathe in, and breathe out”

Filling their senses with enlivening and spicy tonka incense for an invigorating lesson, today’s yoga class would not be for those seeking only calm in their lives but also for those needing vitality and liveliness. To “spice it up” as you might say. 

Though their eyes were closed as they inhaled and exhaled, as instructed, in mountain pose, they could smell the floral arrangement of jasmine and magnolia lining the walls in vanilla-coloured vases. The simple pastel colours, as is the incense, were to invigorate and energize the body. 

Needing some time to retreat and take a step back, he decided to take the weekend and do something different with his time. This simple, yet beneficial retreat, would soothe, rejuvenate, and help to settle any tension from a long and hard week of work. 

With one last breath in, he breathed the surrounding scents deep into his lungs, filling them with the aroma of what was once used in history to treat unwelcome conditions, sores, wounds, and skin ailments. Though used differently in today’s society, the effects are, quite possibly, still the same. 

“Hands at the heart, namaste”

Is Myrrh, Tonka, and Spice for you?

Myrrh, Tonka, and Spice by Scent Australia’s scent master is a neutral scent for anyone and everyone that enjoys the delights of nature.  

Where nature provides pleasant, calming, and serene benefits by way of its numerous plants, herbs, and flowers, Myrrh, Tonka, and Spice diffuser oil will provide you with the same warming and thriving force. 

Before looking into one of our many luxury diffusers, Scent Australia offers affordable fragrant scent samples as tester scent packs or individuals, as perfume sample strips or sprays. 

You can also try our “find your scent” guide to help choose the perfect scent for your home or office space. 

Once you’ve decided on your chosen aromatherapy oil, you can match its essence with one of our scent diffusers for the best results. You might consider a reed diffuser or wood diffuser to enhance the fundamental nature of Myrrh, Tonka, and Spice in our luxury oils range.

If you’re looking for flower-scented essential oils with an earthy, sweet, and spicy fragrant aroma, Scent Australia’s Myrrh, Tonka, and Spice Oil is the luxury room scent for you.