New York Fragrance

The Creation

Warm and inviting cinnamon teamed with sweet and floral lavender and the sour citrus of a bergamot smell, create the fragrance of New York in winter. Combine the strength of leather, rare in scents, but known for a distinct smoky allure, and the dry warmth of mimosa offers you a fragrance of New York in summer. 

Tobacco Leaf, extraordinarily so, enhances the sweet earthy notes of New York’s Central Park and Hudson River masterpieces, while opoponax complements a touch of healing honey to the mix to enrich the mossy wood undertones of guaiac wood and oakmoss that give New York its luxury aroma.

New York Oil by Scent Australia brings you every season of the best parts of New York in one small aroma oil bottle, ready to be used in your chosen Scent Australia home diffuser to bring a touch of New York to your home or perhaps even to your office or business. 

Similar to London by Burberry, New York is a scented aroma and essential oil that is perfect for a premium room fragrance as a luxury room spray, and is especially valuable for those looking for an interior scent that reminds you of five-star comfort.  

The Inspiration

When one strolls alone through city streets and finds themselves amongst tree-lined paths in the cold of winter and the dead of night, you might assume the darkness of the trees would halt you in your journey. 

But the city that never sleeps, the big apple, the concrete jungle, and the bright lights from looming skyscrapers would all surmount to something inspiring if he just keeps walking and following his nose. 

Through luminous and luxurious stores lit by the bright lights of the city, he couldn’t help but feel his senses were overjoyed with the delights he could indulge in. Oh, how the senses would run wild in a place filled with food, delicacies, and aromas one could usually only imagine.

Stepping out into nature, the breeze had a bite to it, a chill so biting he would long to bite into the warmth of something with the taste of summer. 

Daydreaming of citrus scents, oranges, honey, and bergamot, while the scents of mildew and moss were ever-present on the tall and dying trees. It was confusing but pleasant, feeling warm from thoughts alone on a night most would only feel the chill. 

Needing rest and sitting on a bench beside a stranger, the roasting scent of a cinnamon chai late nestled in the strangers’ cold hands would warm his bones enough to keep him going just a little bit further. 

Suddenly salivating at the thought of all these honey-like sweet treats, summer no longer felt so far away. Though distant and subtle, with a strong gust blowing the lavender scent, like the scent of home, from Governor’s Island across the bay, the intense combination of summer and winter made sense. 

With his wet leather boots trudging through the damp of nature’s mildewy gifts, the Master Perfumer was now gladly decided on all the cold and warm scents invading his senses. This, he thought, is the opulence, the nature, the extravagance, and the sophistication of New York that he would remember. This is the part of New York that he will take home. 

That is what inspired the master perfumer at Scent Australia to create the New York Oil aroma. This invigorating and pure fragrance is compatible and available to use with our powered oil diffusers, reed diffusers, wood diffusers, and air diffusers as an essential oil for scent diffusers in business or, for an exquisitely scented home. 

Is New York by Scent Australia the Right Scent for You?

Do you remember strolling through Central Park, enjoying the creative spirit of the residents of New York, waltzing through the city’s various top-end designer stores, and dwelling in some of New York’s prestigious hotels? 

You might want to recall your momentous time in New York with a luxury fragrance for your room scent that “takes you back” to those elaborate New York hotel lobbies. 

You might consider Scent Australia’s New York reed diffuser or essential oil room spray if you’re seeking a scented oil, or remedy, which makes you feel as rich in culture as the people of New York. 

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