Orange Blossoms Fragrance

The Creation

The sweet and warm scent of orange peel gives this high-quality fragrance oil its cheerful allure. Combined with immature and bitter petitgrain, alongside the citrus scent of rosewood aromatics, this mood-boosting scent by Scent Australia is as refreshing as a fresh breath of air on a crisp and frosty spring morning. 

The simple undertones of a wood fragrance and floral honey add a humble yet captivating earth scent to Orange Blossoms that gives this premium aroma its summertime charm. 

What could be a simple citrus-scented perfume, is made opulent with its combination of fragrant scents that compose a luxury smelling essential oil, worthy of every season. 

The Inspiration

He never intended for his four-week road trip to turn into 6 months. But the day he arrived at the orange orchard; he knew he couldn’t leave. 

It wasn’t just the intoxicating and enlivening scent that he could smell from miles down the road before he even arrived. It wasn’t that the oranges were the juiciest, sweetest, and best he’d ever tasted. 

It was the promise of hard and gruelling outdoor work, long and hot working days, physical labour so repetitive and tiring that you would fall into a deep and restful sleep easily, every night as soon as your head hits the pillow. 

He had been told one of the most rewarding jobs a person can have, is the not-so-simple job of fruit picking, for the modest reason that it’s work not for the faint-hearted. He stayed, to prove to himself that working amongst the lush orange and citrus trees would teach him a better work ethic. Freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast didn’t hurt either.  

The pay isn’t great, the hours are long, the days are hot, the physical labour is demanding, your bones are so tired by the day’s end that you can barely think about what to eat for dinner. 

A week went by, he still breathed in the fresh, petitgrain, and rosewood scented air every tiring morning with a smile on his face. Three months went by and he still loved smelling the natural earth and fresh sweet honey by the nearby hidden beehives, while he worked all day in the heat of the central Australian sun. 

Years later, the delicious and stimulating scent of oranges in a fruit bowl still gives him an energising kick to start his mornings on the right side of the bed. He still looks at oranges fondly and remembers his time working in the luscious orchard, the hard-working people he spent his time with, and the delicious fresh vitamin-filled orange juice that kept his body and mind running all day. 

Is Orange Blossoms the Scent You’ve Been Looking For?

Finding the right scent is never as straightforward as it sounds. Scents can enhance and boost our moods, emotions, and productivity levels, as well as calm and soothe us when we’re feeling anxious and stressed. 

With a variety of essential oils available from our online store, the team at Scent Australia understands there is a need for assistance when it comes to selecting the perfect scent for your home or office. 

We have multiple pathways available to make the decision-making process a little easier. From our find your scent guide to our cost-effective scent samples, sample sprays, and fragrance tester strips, we also offer personal fragrance consultations to find and select the perfect scent for you. 

Teamed with one of our quality diffusers, Orange Blossoms is well-suited to our elegant reed diffusers, an environmentally friendly wood diffuser, or one of Scent Australia’s rechargeable and battery-powered diffusers

Orange Blossom room spray and diffuser oil is used in numerous department stores, hotel lobbies, and homes, as a high-end room spray and fragrance to uplift, and invigorate the senses. Orange is a well-known scent used for pain relief and reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression, while honey has been known to have physical nutritional benefits. 

As far as scented oils in our diffuser oil and aromatic room spray range go, Orange Blossom is a fragrance oil like no other. Divulge your senses in this fresh and energising room fragrance oil and you won’t be disappointed in the vitalising results.