Recommendations of Similar Scent Australia Home Fragrance To French Vanilla

Scent Australia Home has several enveloping fragrances, and French Vanilla scented products are one of the few categories of such scents. A few of the french vanilla products of Scent Australia include the reed diffuser, room spray, and its diffuser oil, one of our bestsellers. 

French Vanilla harbours the scent of Vanilla Bean and Anise to marry a sweet and spicy odour; the lustrous syrup appears sensual and can encompass the air with its delicious aroma. It is the perfect diffuser oil for nearly all environments, but if you want to try a similar yet different scent, below are some.

This article includes a list of recommendations of other fragrances similar to French Vanilla for customers who want to try out identical but different aromas of scent Australia. Let's get started.

Patisserie Oil (15ml)

As described in the inspiration, "The pavement was shaken awake by the striking beams of counterfeit sun that shot through the blinds of the Patisserie. From 6 am, the line would wrap the concrete surrounding the entry as the coffee beans brewed alongside the freshly carved macaroons. This city street, with not yet a commotion or beat, would come alive with love from the pastry shop."

This hints at the sweet bakery aroma of this oil, capable of making your mouth water. It is comparable to a lovely cuisine that leaves one singing with sweet joy. The patisserie oil is infused with creamy Vanilla with hints of buttermilk, lemon rinds, cocoa and malt that can make one come alive when inhaled. 

Chocolate Noir Oil (15ml)

The 15ml diffuser oil is sourced from Scent Australia Home's exclusive French perfumery. Chocolate Noir Oil envelopes one in its seductive aroma with rich notes of dark chocolate, welcoming you to experience the gold standard of redolence with Chocolate Noir. 

The mouthwatering fragrance is a unique one from Scent Australia. Perhaps, a mystery to be solved, as hinted in its inspiration. It is available in the standard 15ml and is only compatible with the micro or element diffusers.

Whiskey Bar Oil (15ml)

Vanilla's sweet yet strong aroma comes to play in the whiskey bar oil with top notes of Vanilla, Irish Cream and Dark Cacao infused in roasted Coffee Liqueur to create an intoxicating completion. The accord features base notes of Oak-heavy Bourbon, stabilised by hints of Tobacco as an atmospheric generator.

The effect of the Whiskey Bar Oil on its users is similar to the description of its inspiration. A splash of hard liquor is frequent, an odd smashed glass. One could hear the roaring cackles from 4 streets away, and inside was slathered with exuberant greetings and bear hugs. The jazz players moved with slick ability, and the listener swayed.

The caramel expressos were shaken with proficiency, and the patrons sipped with glee. This paints an image of comfort, relaxation and freeness, which this fragrance offers. Whiskey Bar diffuser oil brings you all the ease and comfort you need in your space.