Reed Diffuser Not Working? Here’s How You Should Fix It

Reed diffusers are the most decorative air fresheners because they scent any space effectively without electricity or heat. However, if it cannot release its fragrance, you may believe it is not working. Before you throw your relatively new appliance away, you may want to give it another look.

What should you do in such a situation? This article will tell you why your reed diffuser is not working and the possible solutions to these problems.

1. The Reed Diffuser Is Not Completely Full

 The most common problem people encounter when using reed diffusers involves the amount of oil used in the refills. You need to check if the reed diffuser is filled with fragrance oil—the bigger the reeds, the more oil the diffuser needs.

Remember, adequate oil should be poured into the diffuser so that reeds can be soaked in the oil and release the fragrance into the air.  Another way is to make sure there is enough oil to shake the container. If the reeds rattle, you may want to consider adding more oil to improve the scent.

2. The Closed Lids Of The Bottle Do Not Allow The Scent To Diffuse

Another issue is the closed lids of the bottle that do not allow the scent to diffuse. To prevent this problem, avoid tightly closing the cap. Instead, leave it slightly open so that the smell will spread and reach the air at all times.

3. The Reed Diffuser Is Not In The Direct Source Of The Airflow

It will not scent the air if it is too far from the air vents. Besides that, the reed diffuser may be blocked by other objects in the room, affecting the diffusion of the fragrance. Therefore, find a place where there is more airflow.

Another way is to put the diffuser on the air conditioner or near a fan, which will spread the scent around the whole room.

4. The Reed Diffuser Is Not Completely Empty

The reed diffuser works on the principle that the liquid covers the reeds. If the fluid is not empty, the fragrance will not flow out of the bottle. If the bottle is not full and relies on the vapour pressure of the essential oil to release the scent of the perfume, the machine may automatically stop working.

After using the diffuser, you may want to open the lid and add more liquid to your bottle. This will ensure that the scent will diffuse appropriately in the room.

5. The Perfume Is Not Suitable For The Reed Diffuser

The difference between essential oil and perfume is that essential oils are extracted from various plants and flowers to make them concentrated. Therefore, the essential oil scent is more concentrated than the perfume. The perfume may be diluted with alcohol, making the scent of the fragrance faster and more efficient.

If you put perfume into a diffuser, the scent of the perfume will be diluted, and the effect will be less than that of the essential oil. 

6. The Reed Diffuser Is Not Clean 

The reed diffuser is a device that works on the principle of diffusion, so it must maintain a certain degree of cleanness. Cleaning the reed diffuser will maintain its performance and help it last longer. Please keep it clean with warm water and dry it.


Reed diffusers are effective and safe air fresheners with no chemicals or toxins. As long as you know why your reed diffuser is not working, you can fix the problems and make it work again.

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