Reed Diffusers | Can They Really Last for a Long Time?

Reed diffusers are gaining popularity in homes all over. Millions of people have discovered the incredible benefits reed diffusers offer, and they are now a common sight in many homes.

Reed sticks hold a fragrant oil, water and additives combination, which is then released into the environment to create a scent that can be enjoyed throughout a space.

Of course, you're going to want to use your reed diffuser for as long as possible with the maximum benefit that it provides.

Here, we will explain how long these devices typically last, so you'll know when it's time to change and how to prolong their life.

How Long Do They Last? 

It Depends. To get a sense of how long your reed diffuser will last, consider the type of oil it contains and the shape of the wide-mouth diffuser bottle. You will also have to consider how many reeds you use in it and your home’s indoor environment.

  • Fragrance Oil

  • This is the main reason you want a reed diffuser–to enjoy the fragrance of your favourite oils. Typically, oils that are highly concentrated, called essential oils, will continue diffusing for longer than oils that aren't as strong.

    Oil that is diluted with other ingredients, such as fragrance oils, will also last a shorter period. The oil concentration is the most important factor in the diffuser’s longevity.

  • Oil Container Shape

  • The shape of the bottle also plays a role in how long the diffuser lasts. The widemouth diffuser bottle holds the fragrant oil, water and additives mixture. It holds the most oil mixture, which can evaporate more quickly than in a narrow-mouth diffuser.

  • Type of Reeds

  • The shape and size of the reeds will also factor into how long the diffuser lasts. For example, rattan reeds feature small, hollow tubes that allow for the scent to linger in the environment longer. Best of all, it does not produce an overpowering smell, just a mild aroma. Meanwhile, bamboo reeds are denser, and they can be oversaturated with oil, which doesn’t last quite as long as rattan.

  • Indoor Environment

  • The indoor environment will also play a role in how long the diffuser lasts. A reed diffuser that is used in a humid environment will continue to release fragrance longer than one used in a dry environment.

    It will take some trial and error to figure out how long a reed diffuser will last in your home. Once you discover how long it will last for your home, you can plan for changes or simply enjoy the diffuser for as long as possible.


    Reed diffusers are a great way to add a pleasant scent to any area of your home. The fragrant oil, water and additives mixture is typically designed to last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month. Different elements, such as the concentration of oils, bottle shape and type of reeds, will all play a role in the diffuser’s longevity. Once you figure out the process for how long your reed diffuser lasts, you can plan for when it is actually time to change the oil.

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