Rock and Roll Fragrance

The Creation

Although its fruit bares such a subtle and sweet fragrance, tropical lychee, partnered with a seductive floral red rose scent gives Rock and Roll Oil its passionate allure. 

The undertones of an enticing musk, provided by the addition of spicy patchouli is what finishes Scent Australia’s Rock and Roll diffuser oil with a magnetic charm. 

When you walk into a room that boasts the fragrant aroma of Rock and Roll Oil, you can’t help but feel your other senses enticed. Just the smell of this classic scent from our daily essential oil collection will make you feel as confident as people did in the 1950’s new and exciting rock n roll era. 

The Inspiration

When the invitation to his youngest sister’s 30th birthday party arrived, he seriously considered responding with “cannot attend”. Dress-up parties weren’t really his thing. 

But his little sister is by far one of the most important people in his life, her happiness would depend on him being there to celebrate. So, to celebrate in style is what he planned to do. He would come to be known by his little sister’s friends as the young Elvis Presley, the King of Rock. 

The costume store had a faint musky scent lingering amongst the clothes racks. Old perfume scents and odours that could not be washed out after so many years of use. Finally, he found the perfect young Elvis Presley look, before the elaborate white sequined jumpsuit became his “known-for” concert attire. Simple, 1950s, classic rock n roll, nothing too over the top. 

Adorning his green and black chequered long, one-button blazer, black trousers with the thin shiny line running down the outside of the trouser leg, a small black bowtie, simple black slip-on shoes, and a black acoustic guitar, he was ready to rock the night away. 

On the night of the party, he took himself to the venue in the city. A lychee bar as it turns out, with every kind of flavoured lychee liquor you could imagine. The venue was already pumping, classic rock music blaring from the speakers. Spilled lychee sticking to the floor like moths to flames and dressed-up party-goers in every genre of rock and roll attire since it began in the 50s. 

The venue was small enough that he could smell the sweet sweat of the dancing attendees on the dance floor. Dancing the night away in bliss, leaving any kind of trouble they might have had that day far behind them. 

His little sister, accompanied by their mother, spotted him across the room and pushed through the crowd to greet him. He took their hands, and in the spirit of the night, he said as loud as he could over the blaring music, “happy 30th birthday little sister, are you ready to rock and roll!?”. 

Are You Ready to Rock and Roll?

Not for the faint of heart, Rock and Roll diffuser oil fragrance will take your senses to a world of pleasure and contentment. Combine this rose-scented diffuser oil with the sweet scent of lychee, along with sensual spicy patchouli and you will be ready to rock n roll all day. 

Scent Australia offers a wide range of scented oils and other products such as room sprays, various types of oil diffusers, and scented candles to suit everyone. You can get help choosing the right scent for you through our Find Your Scent guide, by purchasing one of our available spray samples or perfume strip samples. In preference, you can simply contact our dedicated scent guide team for a personal fragrance consultation

The best smelling diffuser oil for you will depend on your environment, whether it be for the home or office space, how you choose to disperse the scent in the chosen area, and which type of luxury diffuser you choose to pair your chosen aromatic oil with. 

We offer numerous styles of diffusers to meet your needs, including real wood diffusers, powered diffusers, and reed diffusers. Alternatively, Rock and Roll Oil is also available as a 50ml aromatic room spray

Where Rock and Roll oil is not a strong and overbearing odour, it is a loud scent that speaks volumes about its effective and powerful name.  

Combine the de-stressing benefits of the red rose scent with the calming benefits of patchouli oil and you’ll find the release of your pleasure hormones ready to dance your way through the day.