Royal Fragrance

The Creation

Vibrant and tangy citrus for a healthy heart warmed by the sweet summer-fruit favourite melon scent to wake your adventurous senses. Combined with an enriching green tea for rejuvenation and just a touch of invigorating jasmine and amber to fill the mind with goodness. 

Scent Australia’s Royal essential oil brings you something fresh and uplifting with a hint of a floral aroma to make you feel as rich as a royal. 

Better than a simple citrus room spray for boosting your mood and freshening the air, Royal adds elegance to the room like no other citrus perfume. Enhanced with a dash of floral that complements an oceanic green tea fragrance, one might want to drink in this luxury oil all day. 

Much like the alluring and exclusive Quercus by Penhaligon made for royalty, Scent Australia has designed an elegant citrus scent that you won’t forget anytime soon. 

The Inspiration

The amber summer sun was slowly lowering over the ocean, not in a hurry and taking its time to say goodnight. The sunset would last for what felt like hours that night. 

The picnic crumbs now feeding the many insects that hover near the delicious leftover sweet treats like bees to honey were forgotten as the young group of friends laughed and played in the grass. The fruit salad would provide a welcome and nourishing meal for the hungry bugs tonight. 

The wind carried a sweet and rich aroma scent from nearby white scented flowers through the breeze. Perhaps jasmine, he thought, as it filled his senses with an exhilarating rush of energy. He sat on the picnic blanket and watched his children and their friends play. Proud, feeling like a king for raising such innocent and happy humans. 

With the ocean to one side, the emerald grass to the other, he thought of green tea. The way it can sometimes smell like the ocean on a day where there was no salt in the air, lingering on the cliffside. His wife would be at home by now, waiting for the group to return to tell her cheerful stories about their exciting picnic by the seaside. She would gladly share a warming cup of green tea with her husband when he arrived. 

As he stretched out on the grass, cleaned up the forgotten fruit, rolled up the picnic blanket, and watched the last of the sun rays disappear behind incoming clouds, he imagined it would be nice to capture this day in a bottle. Where he could open the lid every time he wanted to feel at ease, a pure fragrance to make him feel like royalty again and to be brought back to this fortunate day.  

Is Royal the Scent You’ve Been Looking For?

Whether it be a luxury home spray, one of Scent Australia’s various premium diffusers, or simply used as an aromatic oil, Royal is the scent for kings and queens who enjoy luxury fragrances. 

With our wide range of scented essential oils, along with an array of scented room sprays, smart diffusers, wood diffusers, powered diffusers, and reed diffusers, Scent Australia has the best home fragrances for you and your needs. 

You can try our Royal scent as a fragrance sample using our affordable strip and spray samples, or dive right into a scent waterfall of revitalization and bliss with our 15ml and 30ml smart range diffuser oils and our 50ml high-end room sprays

Fill your senses with our Royal amora of citrus, melon, jasmine, and green tea infusion using one of our scent diffusers, and take your mind to that inspiring summer day. 

The gentle breeze blowing a sweet floral scent and laughter through the air, green tea to quench your thirst in the dying amber sunlight, and a citrus and melon fruit salad lingering on the taste buds.