Scent 101: What Does Your Favourite Scent Tell You About Your Personality?

We’ve all got a favourite food or a favourite song—but how often have you thought about your favourite scents? Take a scroll through this list and see what your favourites might tell you about your personality.



You’re the peacemaker of your family or friendship group. You’re empathetic and you avoid conflict, doing your best to mediate arguments, with your rare ability to calmly evaluate both sides of the story.

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You’re sweet, kind, and a gentle soul. You live life with an optimistic outlook and a desire to help others and improve the world around you.

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Citrus & Lemongrass

You’re energetic and enthusiastic, love getting up and at it, and never sit still for too long.

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You’re ambitious and disciplined, and never let obstacles get in your way. You’re intensely focused on your goals and the path to achieving them.

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You’re a hipster—artistic, avant-garde, intellectual and philosophical.

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Cinnamon & Spices

You’re introverted, indoorsy, and prefer a book and a cup of tea over a raging night out.

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You’re fun, carefree, and would rather be sipping mojitos on a beach than slaving away at a desk.

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You’re serene and outdoorsy—you’d take picnics over parties, enjoy barbeques and lazy summer afternoons. 

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You’re an alternative soul with a penchant for peaceful rule-breaking. You’re a free spirit that won’t be broken, and you’ll experience life in all its fullest.

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Fresh linen

You’re OCD, and you know it. You love clean kitchens and colour-coordinated planners, and you even fold your underwear. Your friends look to you for inspiration: you’ve got life under control.

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Disclaimer: This article is intended for amusement only and does not constitute a psychological diagnosis. Certainly, not all vanilla-lovers are sweet.