Starlight Lilly Oil

The Creation

The fragrance invokes Japanese Pincushion Moss, the embodiment of nature beside a waterfall, surrounded by delicate oriental blooms, starlight lilies, orchids, jasmines, and violets. An array of fragrant oils in florals that characterise femininity.  

Starlight Lilly is the perfect diffuser oil for those looking to enhance the feminine appeal of their scented space. Featuring an evergreen scent of nature in springtime, blossoming and alluring aromatics fill the senses with a feeling of beauty, and flourishing fragrances invigorate the soul. 

This creation is inspired by a popular Australian fashion brand's store scent. After walking past one of their stores on a sunny afternoon, our master perfumer wanted to design a scent that took him back to this experience.

Violets; soft and tender, starlight lilies; vibrant and colourful, orchids; citrusy and uplifting, and jasmine; sweet and fruity. Who knew designer home scents could be as good as this? 

The Inspiration

Standing outside, waiting under a shaded tree, she picked him up at 10 am on the dot. 

It was ladies’ day today; the wives and girlfriends of their group all had a girl’s day out at least once a month and they always came back home fresh-skinned, smelling good, glowing, the essence of raw feminine energy and beaming from ear to ear.

It was powerful and intoxicating, and the men wanted to know the secret. 

She had left him early in the morning to have a coffee with the girls and they all agreed the men should join them today because they’d all been asking too many questions. So, they made their calls, asked the men to get ready, and went their separate ways to pick them up and meet back at their favourite spa. 

When they all arrived at the front of the hot springs, the girls booked couples’ massages and a spot on the balcony overlooking the hot springs surrounded by the woods for lunch. The men were in for a treat. 

Their private spa was filled with beautiful fragrant floral oils, the men didn’t object. Their lunch was filling but healthy with fresh fruits, salads, granola, and vegetarian dishes full of flavour and spices. The massages were deep and relaxing, hitting every spot full of tension and releasing it to reveal hard-working bodies that just needed some TLC. 

Everyone was laughing, enjoying the heat of the natural springs and their beautiful surroundings. The girls loved seeing the men enjoying being pampered and relishing in their first ever girl’s day out. The men didn’t complain once about the outing or having flowers in their cocktails and their hair, and even slept soundly when they all went home. 

The next month, the women went for their usual coffee date and their regular monthly outing, only to find their partners had all gathered at the hot springs for what they were now calling their monthly men’s day out. 

Starlight, Star Bright, First Star I See Tonight

Try our Starlight Lilly fragrance for the ultimate floral arrangement inside your scented home. Where flowers fade, their aroma dwindling, our Starlight Lilly fragrance oil will continue to light up your night. 

Better yet, try Starlight Lilly Oil with one of our premium diffusers. We offer a range of luxury diffusers to match the quality of our luxury diffuser oils. Try a real wood diffuser to keep the feng shui light and airy, a battery-operated diffuser for the modern touch, or a simple yet elegant 200ml reed diffuser for its modesty.  

Before choosing your scent, we recommend trying our “find your scent” guide and experimenting with our scent samples to find the perfect home fragrance for you. Our fragrance samples come in perfume sample strips or as a sample spray. 

Not that we think you’ll want to try an aromatic scent other than Starlight Lilly Oil if true feminine, womanly independence is the allure you’re aiming for in your scenting style.  

As far as high-quality perfume oils go, our sweet fragrance Starlight Oil is well and truly up there with the best essential oils Australia-wide. 

Starlight Lilly is also available in a 50ml high-end room spray so you can take this gorgeous scent with you everywhere you go.