The Blanc

The Creation

The scent of white tea, sweet yet herbal much like its taste, infused with a bergamot fragrance is charmingly paired with the scent of verbena, bringing a fruity appeal to this delicate fragrance. 

There’s no masking the middle notes of a citrus scent imbued with a deeply aromatic tea infusion, mixed with the base notes of a gentle musk and a little spice to invigorate your senses. 

Scent Australia has created something beautifully balanced and soothing for your perfect house scent. As far as luxury fragrance oils go, this delicate white tea room scent, The Blanc fragrance oil, combined with other gentle aroma oils, is an ideal choice for a relaxing kind of ambient scenting for your home. 

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The Inspiration

Driving through the mountains on a beautiful crisp Sunday morning, he revelled in his favourite season. Spring made the birds sing, the flowers bloom, the baby animals come out to play, and the green hills and trees lining the road were always especially green. 

He didn’t get to take a trip through the mountains very often, but when he did, he made the most of every second. 

With the window down, he cruised around the curved roads, his favourite tunes giving him energy and life as much as the surrounding forest and fresh air he breathed. He already knew exactly where he was headed, as was typical of a visit to the mountains. 

On today’s agenda, the ice cream shop with delicious homemade ice creams of every flavour you could think of, the crystal shop for some remedial musk incense to take home and use on gloomy days, Geppetto’s wood shop for a gift for his nephew, the quaint café he found one day while wandering down an alley he’d never seen before, and of course, the tea rooms tea shop. 

As he entered the popular tea rooms, he was surprised by how busy it was. Usually, when he arrived so early in the morning there were but a few other browsers. Today, however, it was ram-packed with tea and coffee lovers hoping to get their hands on some of the best loose-leaf teas and coffee beans in the area. 

Still, he took his time, browsed every shelf, tried the samples on offer, took care not to knock the many fragile porcelain teacups and teapots off the shelves and found some wonderful smelling teas he had never tried before. 

Content with his visit, having spoken to many other tea-lovers and gained some great recommendations, he left with a variety of white teas, citruses and complex fruity and spice mixes that would keep him happy until at least his next visit. 

Now it was time to head to the ice cream shop down the road, he didn’t doubt for a second that he’d be leaving the ice cream shop just as happy as he did the tea rooms. 

How to Scent your Home with The Blanc

Picture a Zen garden, the epitome of respite and harmony, a place to feel at ease in this busy and sometimes unforgiving modern world. With The Blanc filling your senses, this aroma scent oil will have you feeling at ease in your scented home, office, or wherever it is you choose to use this luxury fragrance oil. Because it is the perfect fragrance oil for home, and everywhere else. 

A white tea fragrance oil on its own is classical enough, but with the addition of a bergamot smell, musk, spice, an energising citrus fragrance oil, and the natural scent of verbena, Scent Australia turns this quality fragrance oil into something more luxurious. 

With its natural scent easy on the senses and comforting to the mind, it’s easy to see why ingredients in this luxury fragrance were used in the past by Chinese emperors. Whether you choose to use this simple yet elegant scent in your office, lounge, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, you’ll feel the harmony in the room. 

Pairing The Blanc with one of Scent Australia’s home fragrance diffusers, such as a wood diffuser, reed diffuser, or a powered diffuser to name a few, is just one of the ways we suggest scenting your home with The Blanc. 

For your convenience, The Blanc is also available as a fragrant room spray and is included in our Bouquet Pack ideal for gifting to someone special or treating yourself. If you’d like to sample The Blanc before purchasing, check out The Blanc Oil Spray Sample or The Blanc Oil Tester Strip and grab a few other scents to try while you’re there!