The Power of Scent Marketing - How Smells Can Skyrocket Your Sales

Marketing is an ever-evolving process that takes on various forms, but the best thing about promoting your brand is its ability to challenge your creativity. Aside from the usual tools in your advertising arsenal, how else can you enhance the customer experience, especially when they’re shopping in a brick and mortar store? 

The layout, lighting system, interior design, and navigational pointers can do wonders for increasing interest, but the secret to taking your marketing to the next level may right be under your nose: scent marketing! 

What is Scent Marketing?

With the power of scents in shaping the shopping experience, what can scent marketing do to stimulate a positive environment that encourages your consumers to enjoy exploring your products in stores? 

Breaking Down the Scent-Sensational Ways Scent Marketing Improves Sales 

  1. Pleasant Smells Influence Consumer Behavior

We mentioned how scents could conjure memories and feelings for people, so permeating a specific scent can drive positive emotions for your shoppers and affect the mood of your store. For example, using woodland scents like fresh evergreens, crisp pine notes, or spices like cinnamon can invoke the spirit of Christmas, all of which can lend themselves to creating a festive atmosphere.

With uplifting undertones that remind people of the season of giving, they can feel encouraged to stick around and shop for items in your shop. Another great example is using the smell of freshly-brewed coffee to stimulate people’s appetite for pastries, even if your shop doesn’t sell coffee products. 

  1. Pleasant Smells Encourage Customers to Stay Longer 

Any place that smells good creates a relaxing atmosphere, but it also incites a sense of luxury that recalls the slow-moving nature of wellness spas. Pleasant smells can immediately improve people’s mood, which allows them to let loose and be more open to spending more time shopping in your store.

  1. Pleasant Smells Improve Customer Experience in Multiple Ways

Permeating smells like lavender, citrus, pine, and other health-boosting aromas can do wonders for improving the psyche, which can help boost your staff satisfaction. Happier employees do better in their work, and with higher productivity follows a greater quality of service given to your customers. 


The Bottom Line: How Smells Can Skyrocket Your Sales 

With the advent of scented candles and essential oils as the go-to choice for self-care, it’s no surprise that a person’s sense of smell has the power to evoke powerful emotions, memories, and associations. 

An aroma can tickle parts of the brain, from boosting energy levels with brighter aromas to bringing out desired reactions with pervasive odors. Seeing the impact of scent marketing in boosting your sales funnel, making a profit for your business never smelled better than ever!

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