The Role of Scent in The Marketing Strategy

With competitors appearing here and there, many businesses are looking for opportunities to upgrade their marketing strategies, to catch people’s attention and keep themselves on top of mind. One of the most high-impact yet often-overlooked strategies that businesses use to boost their marketing efforts is scent marketing. More and more brands are using this method to captivate their customers—but what exactly is it?


What Is Scent Marketing?

Scent marketing is the use of attractive odours to communicate certain messages to people. Business owners strategically choose fragrances and place aroma diffusers near customer touchpoints, to help calm, entice, or evoke a certain emotion from passersby. The end result is a reinforced brand identity that attracts customers and improves their experience with the business.

Why Use Scent in Your Marketing Strategy?

Scent marketing may seem enigmatic to many, but it makes perfect sense in practice. The sense of smell is one of the most powerful senses because it has close ties with the limbic system, the part of the brain responsible for emotions and memory. Scent has the ability to go further than reason, moving straight to a person’s feelings. 

Until recently, scent has been overlooked as a marketing strategy, but it’s now growing in popularity due to its effectiveness. Using different sensory modalities for marketing enhances your brand’s image and impact. Therefore, providing your customers with a multisensory experience helps them better remember your business. Eye-catching aesthetics and relaxing music go hand-in-hand with pleasant aromas to give your customers an all-around captivating experience. 

When businesses use aromas for their brand, they help people establish an emotional connection, in turn enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. People will return again and again for the experience, and this is a critical determinant of driving and maintaining sales.

Making Use of Scent Marketing Strategies

Like any marketing tool, using fragrances entails specific strategies to improve its effectiveness. There are two categories of scent marketing strategies, which are scent branding and ambient scenting.

Scent branding attaches a specific fragrance to your brand. This allows your patrons to recognise your business just by smelling a particular aroma. It reinforces your brand identity and builds familiarity, helping you stand out from your competition.

On the other hand, ambient scenting focuses on helping your customers feel a certain way. It’s helpful for setting a pleasant atmosphere in your establishment, whether it’s a hotel, café, retail store, or clinic. Similar to playing music in the background, these fragrances assist in setting the scene.

Both of these marketing techniques are highly effective in giving your customers a one-of-a-kind experience. You may opt to use elements from both strategies to ensure that you deliver your message right, but make sure never to overwhelm your patrons.

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More and more businesses are making use of aroma to enhance their marketing efforts. It’s a powerful tool to tap into your customers’ emotions and provide them with a multisensory experience that they’ll surely remember. It also reinforces your brand identity, ensuring that you stand out against your competitors.

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