The Sunshine Seduction Of Orange Bloom - Now In The Collection Of Scent Australia Homes

“Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the mind.”

― Luther Burbank

Among the flowers chosen by the master perfumers, orange blossom stands as a pristine selection. Often, it represents the grace of the sunshine and its notes of fragrances. The orange of the sun is now captured in the bottle of perfumes. Such is the art of Scent Australia Home. 

Unique for its serene white appearance, the bitter orange tree is nothing short of the magic it produces. The same magic could be reaped out in the form of various products like orange water, neroli, petitgrain and much more. These are all the gifts from a single tree, all different in their scent and notes. 

The process is quite intriguing. These flowers (orange blossoms) are first hydro-distilled. It is a process where they are soaked in water and then heated. This makes them less volatile, and neroli is extracted as the primary product. The by-products leave the orange flower water. Petitgrain is acquired through a steam distillation process of the orange blossom’s leaves and twigs (green). 

Several writers and artists have immortalised orange bloom throughout the centuries. The entire culture of the brides with a blush has been a boon of the orange blossom. Despite the innocent facade and citrus scents, there is the tangy notoriety the orange bloom is known for. Often treated as an aphrodisiac, orange blossom has been depicted as a scent that could allure any lover. It is evident from Islamic perfumes as a scent that stirs up quite a few emotions.

Orange blossoms stand as a symbolic fragrance for sunshine or solar prowess. Yet, a delicate sensuality in the mix. The appeal of the fragrance is akin to the jasmine and the strength of tuberose. Yet, there isn’t a breezy sensation but warmth in the smell. The mix of this warmth in the scent is what makes Orange Blossom the ‘sunshine captured in the flowers.’ 

These qualities would tempt anyone to get this sunshine captured in a bottle, especially when the summer leaves and winter reigns. Sweet Home Australia brings you a brilliant collection of these orange blossoms with crafted perfumes. Each custom selection brings you a mix of sensations that enhance your everyday experience. The exquisite fragrances are now available for you year-round for that sunny and bright experience that you deserve: 

The Orange Blossom Oil:

From the heart of Australia, you receive finely manufactured Orange Blossoms Oil. It encompasses orange peel, and petitgrain. Yet, the delicate warmth of rosewood, wood and honey ensures earthly notes that enchant your daily experience. 

Orange Verte Oil 

Another brilliant blend of various tangy notes of orange and lemon. A fresh resonance of mint and leaves mix with mandarin to deliver a spicy, fresh and eccentric combination of fragrances to light up your mood. 

Basil & Mandarin Oil 

This one is a well-balanced selection that encompasses the same uplifting sunshine you love of a citrus note. Yet, the mix of bergamot and lime with mandarin and orange brings out the most sensual of scents. Mild notes of basil, lilac and iris with vetiver and patchouli marks it a ‘complete’ fragrance like nothing else. An authentic blissful orange bloom experience.