Top Scent Australia Home Fragrance Alternative To The Christmas Oil

Scent Australia Home smart diffuser oil collections include a wide range of fragrances to bring life to your home and offices. With scents ranging from soft, subtle, and spicy to soothing, we have a fragrance for each of our customers. 

The fragrance Christmas is one of our bestsellers; it is a beautiful winter holiday blend of Fir Balsam Oil Canadian, Italian Lemon, Cedar Leaf Oil, Bay Rum, and Green Aldehydes. It is complete with Clove Oil, Jasmine, Lavender Oil, Orange Oil, Cranberry and Cedar Wood Oil.

Everyone loves the season of love; everyone can hear the comforting bells from each street as joy floated through the air with seasonal ease and clung to all the folk around. Smiles exist in prosperous form, and onlookers find comfort in the sentimental warmth. 

The Christmas diffuser oil was crafted to retain this warmth after the season. As such, Scent Australia's Christmas Fragrance is a must-have. In this article, we want to recommend similar fragrances to the Christmas micro diffuser oil for our customers looking to try something new. The scents are listed below.

Alaska Oil (15ml)

Alaska transcends one to an imaginary world of lust, location and elegance. As described in its inspiration, "The crispness of the air would be baby blue if it were visible. The trees would sing a harmonious lullaby if they were granted a voice. The oranges would descend from the tree if it were Spring." 

One could feel a glimpse of this imaginary world of seeming perfection with the Scent Australia's Alaska oil. It is infused with top notes of Pine, Orange and Cedar and completed by Sandalwood & Tonka Bean to create a calming concoction reminiscent of Alaskan horizons. 

It is a gentle reminder that one is loved, and in life, beauty surrounds us. Thus, it leaves a very soft yet soothing scent in your space and a good impression on anyone who steps into it. 

Aiguille de Pin Oil (15ml)

The reed micro diffuser fragrance resembles a Sunday afternoon spent on a warm leather outdoor seating arrangement. It creates an aura of nostalgia and relaxation, the faint sound of coffee brewing in the background and a feeling of peace amongst the noise. 

Aiguille de Pin oil features top notes of Pine aromatics, Fir and Greenery, which envelopes one in the ability to recognize the value of the present moment. This flora fragrance hero the earth with natural ability and surrounds one in the sense of contentment. 

Scent Australia Home features quite a number of bestsellers. Thus, while the Aiguille de Pin oil and Alaska oil are similar to Christmas Oil, your diffuser has several other scented oil options. You can find the perfect scent for you on our website.