Top Scent Australia Home Recommendations of Fragrances Similar To Zen Garden

Fragrance Zen Garden is Scent Australia Home's most crisp fragrance. It celebrates top notes of Peony, Water Fruits, Lotus, and Iris, enveloping one in a cocoon of positive energy, calmness, and peace. It gives the room to sigh and to relieve through the noise and madness. 

The diffuser oil is in accord with the base notes of Driftwood and Musk to create this fresh invigoration. In addition, the mix of fruits and flowers enables this fragrance's sweet, soft, and elegant aroma. As such, it is no surprise that the fragrance Zen Garden is one of our best sellers. 

However, with the best interest of our customers in mind, we understand that some of our customers might be looking to try a new scent. Thus, below are some recommendations of similar fragrances to Zen Garden that might be right for you. 

Invigorate Oil (15ml)

Like the name of the oil hints, Scent Australia Home's Invigorate Oil is an energising oil with an electric fragrance. It features an energising combination of Eucalyptus, Geranium, Rosemary, and Mint blended with Lemon and Bergamot, promoting vitality and a spacial spirit.

The scent of Invigorate oil is capable of leaving one spellbound as it personifies and tantalises your space with harmony and passion alike. It is complete with Cedarwood's base notes mingling with Thyme and Sage in the background.

Vétiver d'Majorca Oil (15ml)

In the Vétiver d'Majorca fragrance oil, fresh and alluring elegance wed focused intensity. The diffuser oil is infused with sunny and sweet bergamot meshed with sharp and fruity Lemon to lift the grassiness and earthiness of vetiver and patchouli. 

As its inspiration mentions, "Crisp, vital, and potent, the mix of clean citrus, dry grass on a warm day, and sharp, peppery spice recalls summers in a carefully preserved three-hundred-year-old farmhouse on the southern coast of Mallorca. It is recalled in such detail I am whisked back, whirled around, and released refreshed and energised."

The mix of its sweet and sharp ingredients brings a pleasant, soft piquancy to the sweet and spicy heart of this bright, summery scent.

Waterfall Oil (15ml)

This unique fragrance is brimming with our fresh and unique waterfall accord—top notes of cyclamen flowers, hints of lemon rinds, stream mint and sheer jasmine support it. Waterfall oil is a sweet but subtle fragrance perfect for homes. 

As mentioned in its inspiration, "The cyclamen flowers and spring that hugged the shore were signs of burgeoning Spring, and perfumed the air with a subtle sweetness." It's a flowery, sweet fragrance that pulls one into a comforting embrace. 

Lotus Zen Oil (15ml)

The tart zing of summer fruit meets a refreshing sea breeze. Elusive, light, inspiring, and evocative, the robust and mouth-watering fragrance casts a relaxing spell on you and lifts your spirit. The accord features top notes of Citrus and a fresh fruity green tingle.

Musk and mild wood create this mix's base notes and add a purring sensuality to this crisp, sunny scent's cheerful, sweet floral heart.