Your best choice when it comes to Scent Diffusers

Your best choice when it comes to Scent Diffusers.2

With more people interested in scenting their homes, finding a good selection of aromatherapy products was never this easy. 

Fragrance diffusers are the newest way to create a relaxing atmosphere, increase productivity, and improve clarity of mind. However, a well functioning diffuser is essential to enjoy these benefits. 

As more diffusing methods hit the aromatherapy market today, we believe the best and most effective option is the nebulising diffuser.

 While different diffusers are suited to different purposes, there are four main types available in the market today: heat, evaporative, ultrasonic or humidifying, and nebulising. 

Heat methods:  In this method,fragrance is mixed with water in a dish over a flame. While they might be nice to look at, these run the risk of creating an open flame and potentially altering the properties of the scent. 

Evaporate methods: In this method, the scent is placed on a material similar to felt, with a fan pushing air over it to evaporate and release the scent. While this option delivers a strong result at first, it lacks consistency and most of its scent fades quickly as a result of merging the scent with another material. 

Ultrasonic or Humidifying methods: This diffuser has a dual purpose as it humidifies the air while releasing the scent with water electronically. Some people prefer this diffuser for health benefits, but the strength of the fragrance tends to be diluted, requiring frequent refills. 

Nebulising method: This method has proven to be the most effective. The scent is placed in a nebuliser, and it is mixed with air through a series of tubes that vibrate and are transformed into a dry micro-mist. Since there isn’t any heat, evaporation, or water mixture, the scent molecules are not altered and, in turn, you get the most out of the scent.