Most people love to stay in a cozy area with a great ambiance and beautiful scenery. And it appears that Beauty/Crew agrees too — because the publication took the time to outline seven essential oil diffusers that will definitely make it easier for you to breathe easier. 

Of the seven diffusers that Beauty/Crew outlined, one stood out. And that was the Scent Australia Wood Diffuser. This diffuser stood out from the rest because it is made entirely from wood, and doesn't require either battery or electricity. So how does it work? Well, all you need to do is drop a few drops of your favorite aroma oil into the Wood diffuser and enjoy the stunning fragrance. If you want a stronger effect, add more oil, as it will help the wood absorb the oil quicker and release it into the air faster. 

It's simply a unique way to diffuse essential oils. The fact that the diffuser is also aesthetically pleasing means that it can be a great addition to the furniture of your home.

Aside from the fact that this diffuser doesn't need batteries or electricity, it's also very silent. There won't be any humming with this one, and it will make your home the perfect spot for relaxation, stress relief, and even mediation. It's also environmentally sustainable too as it was made from beechwood using sustainable farming methods.

The great thing about the diffuser is that there's no maintenance necessary for it. If you ever want to change the aroma, just add more oil. You must note that in the course of changing the aroma can result in new and exciting aromas for your space.