Bliss Out Time

The last few months have been chaotic in the worst possible ways for Australian homes and Aussies in general. The coronavirus pandemic continues unabated, and although there's now a vaccine, public health authorities face a daunting race against time to stop the virus from mutating. The September issue of Better Homes and Gardens featured several ways to cultivate peace in moments like these. In particular, the magazine focused on the calming power of fragrance. Better Homes and Gardens featured the rechargeable battery diffuser by Scent Australia Home, and recommended its readers try their Zen Garden blend, a refreshing concoction of water fruits, lotus, driftwood, musk, and peony. The Zen garden blend is particularly great for this season, as it was specially created to magnify and curate moments of peace during times of unrest. Fragrances like the Zen Garden blend were made precisely for chaotic, stressful moments like. It’s in these moments of chaos that fragrances like this one take charge of the moment and bring a lasting calm to the home. Scent Australia Home promises that the Zen Garden oil is so lush that "that the noise will silence, peace will out rival the madness, and the grapple will eventuate to reward." It's hard to disagree with them, as the fragrance is guaranteed to create a relaxed atmosphere where one can live, love, and laugh through the overwhelming chaos of our times.