Family Circle

One of the most amazing feelings in the world is someone commenting on how great your home smells. Don't just take our word for it — ask Family Circle, a family-centered magazine that explores new must-have Australian items. In their March issue, the magazine agreed that there are very few things better than a sweet-smelling home. 

To prove how important having a great smelling fragrance was, the magazine hosted a giveaway of Scent Australia Home's Wood Diffuser. 

The diffuser is made from sustainably farmed beechwood, and doesn’t require a batter or electricity source to work. It just does — sustainably. All you need to do is drop a few drops of your favorite diffuser fragrance oils on the wood, and it will instantly distribute the smell. 

To help you get scenting, Family Circle added a Sunday's Scent Pack to their giveaway prize. The pack includes 3 diffuser fragrance oils, which include Whiskey Bar, Miami, and Tabac Noir. 

The rules for entering the competitors are simple. All you needed to do was write, in twenty-five words or less, the favorite scent for your home and why you chose that scent. The answers would then be sent to  for a chance to win a diffuser and an oils pack valued at $179. 

Of course, the competition has since closed, and while we don’t know who won, one thing is certain: their homes would smell amazing. According to Scent Australia Home, the Sunday scent pack was created to "To unwind, to rest, to appreciate, to digest. . . to ensure every day feels similar to the bliss of a sunshine-filled Sunday afternoon." 

And there's no doubt that that's precisely what it did to the winner of Family Circle's giveaway.