How To Fill Your Home With The Scent of Christmas Pudding Without Baking One

With Christmas just around the corner, many of us are reaching for warming festive fragrances, to kick-start the familiar feelings of good times and lasting memories.

And when you think of Christmas fragrance, it’s hard to go past Christmas pudding. Not only does this festive dessert taste delicious, but also it has a lightly spicy, fruity, and sweet aroma that is undeniably reminiscent of the Christms season.

Normally, if you have a craving for Christmas pudding, you need to bake one. However, Better Homes and Gardens have found an alternative way to curb your cravings and get into the Christmas spirit, without even stepping foot in the kitchen. Scent Australia Home has bottled this delicious, seasonal scent, into fragrance oil, allowing you to fill your home with joyous notes of cinnamon and spice, without lifting a finger. 

The Scent Australia Home seasonal range features a variety of festive scents, so, regardless of where you find yourself this season, you can emulate the spirit of Christmas with classic, cosy scents. 

As well as the Christmas pudding oil, there is a Christmas Oil that has notes of fir tree, cedar, jasmine, and rum, described as smelling of Christmas morning. 

Each oil comes in 15ml bottles and is priced between $20 to $30. You can also purchase diffusers on the site, including reed, powered, and wood.

Scent Australia Home also sells a range of 50ml room sprays, including holiday scents like Patisserie, Beach Party, Flower Bouquet, and Whiskey Bar. 

So, if you want to fill your home with the unique scent of Christmas pudding without baking one, look no further than Scent Australia Home.