Santal 66 Is In Vogue

Vogue Australia has always been renowned for style, class, and incredible taste. It's little wonder they chose to speak about the wonders of fragrances in an issue that went right to the heart of zodiac aficionados. The argument they make is simple; if we look to the wisdom of the zodiac for guidance for our love lives, career moves, and home decoration, wouldn't it behove us to look to it to influence our shopping habits too? 

And the argument does make sense. If we look to the stars to guide us on such huge issues, we should look to them to guide us on smaller issues as well.

In this feature, Vogue Australia takes its readers through the world of online shopping, and categorically tells what's worth looking at for their star sign, and what's not. As expected, the Santal 66 collection came up, and it was suggested to be great for Capricorns because of its charm, minimalist design, and sweeping realism — characters that define Capricorns more than anything else. 

According to the magazine, the Santal 66 collection would fit right in with "Capricorns among us, who will find grounding in their earthly scents and minimalist packaging."

Just like Capricorns, the scent of the Santal 66 Reed Diffuser is, without a doubt, an ambitious piece of work that looks to push the boundaries of what heavenly sensations you can feel at home. It's also a practical choice because of its minimalist design, and the way it exudes simplicity, yet charming sophistication. Like all earth signs, this scent from Scent Australia is a masterclass in what minimalism in scent should feel— and smell--like. 

If you're a Capricorn and are looking for that touch of zodiac magic that isn't just a marketing gimmick to sell scent, then this is the one for you. One whiff tells the tales of self-reliance, ambition, determination, and pure strength drawn from the deepest recesses of the earth. The fact that it would spread this message to the noses of everyone who walks into your home makes it an even more reasonable buy. 

It's one thing to look to the stars for a decision to make a purchase, and it's another to listen to what the heavens suggest. And this diffuser, and indeed the complete Santal 66 collection, is exactly what the doctor ordered for anyone looking for a minimalist scent to add to their homes.