Your House Can Smell Like A Pub

Nothing is more Australian than spending an afternoon with your mates at the local pub. And while, in recent times, long afternoons of having a laugh, catching up, and watching a match have felt like a distant memory, Scent Australia Home has the perfect solution.

According to leading lifestyle magazine Monster Children, you can bring the essence of the pub home, with Scent Australia Home’s Whiskey Bar Oil. 

With notes of amber, patchouli, oak, tobacco, whiskey, vanilla, caramel and musk, this opulent fragrance is a whole lot nicer than the smell of boozy nights at your local. Available as a reed diffuser, room spray, or fragrance oil, Whiskey Bar creates the atmosphere of a fun night out, while you bask in the rich scent of a cocktail lounge. 

So if you’re yearning for an afternoon of good old-fashioned fun, look no further than Scent Australia Home’s Whiskey Bar oil, and bring the good times, to you.