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New York Oil (15ml)

"Relax in the clubhouse of the ultra-exclusive New York Yacht Club. Look up at the giant trophies, regatta pendants and polished silverware and take it in. Rose and honeysuckle blend with tangerine topped off with tobacco, wood and a hint of musk to create an aroma that is confident, sophisticated and masculine."

Top Notes
Rose petals, tangeringe, jasmine, wood, tobacco, musk.

Oil Quantity
15 ml
(larger quantities available upon request)

Country of Origin

Oil Consumption Guide*

Power settings = 50%/100%
At 100% power, oil lasts 18+ hours
At 50% power, oil lasts 36+ hours
Mains Powered Diffuser
Power settings = 100%/75%/50%/25%/10% power
At 100% power, oil lasts 18+ hours
At 75% power, oil lasts 24 hours
At 50% power, oil lasts 36 hours
At 25% power, oil lasts 72 hours
At 10% power, oil lasts 180 hours+

*Oil consumption figures are based on tests with a 15ml oil bottle. Oil consumption times will vary and depend on the diffuser type and particular oil used. Diffusion times are only applicable to our own machines.

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