Mains Powered Electric Diffuser + 1 FREE Daily or Luxury Oil of Your Choice


"A powerful and safe mains powered electric diffuser that offers total control over scent output."

At a Glance
  • Superior cold air diffusion scenting mechanism
  • FREE Luxury aroma oil refill of your choice
  • 165 different power and diffusion strength settings
  • Plug and play setup
  • 1 year warranty
Detailed Features

Cold air diffusion scenting mechanism ‚¬€� this electric diffuser utilises "cold air diffusion" sub-micron diffusion technology which effectively and safely breaks down fragrance molecules, resulting in a more vibrant and complex fragrance profile.

FREE Luxury aroma oil refill of your choice ‚¬€� get one 15ml Luxury Range aroma oil refill bottle completely free with the diffuser. Simply select the oil from the dropdown menu above the "add to cart button".

Virtually unlimited scenting control ‚¬€� with over 165 different "scent on", "scent pause" and "timer" setting combinations, the mains powered diffuser gives you unparalleled control of the diffuser's scent output.

Plug and play setup ‚¬€� simply set your desired scent diffusion intervals, plug in, attach a bottle of fragrance and you're ready to diffuse gorgeous scent in your home!

1 year warranty ‚¬€� the mains powered electric diffuser is built to last and comes with a complete 1-year mechanical warranty.


Diameter 9.0cm x 13.0cm

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