Mediterranean Fig Oil Spray Sample (2ml)


"The softness of the waves hitting the shore lost significance against the patter of the summer rain. It was balmy, and orange and pink were the colours of the season. To the naked eye, it was another coastline. To the familiar, it was magic. The candle shop on the corner of Triq il-Ġdida St oozed with a sensual honey aroma that captivated the attention of passersby. If it wasn't true love, it was the closest sensation to it."

Fragrance Notes
Mediterranean fig, citrus blossoms, flowers, bougainvillea flowers.

Oil Quantity

Country of Origin

United States
PLEASE NOTE: Spray samples contain an oil/carrier mix so they can spray effectively. This substance is not suitable for diffusers. See our oils range for diffuser-appropriate oils.

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