The Staple Pack


Our most compelling pack yet: The Staple Pack hits every margin. 

For those who want to explore the sweetness of life, and experience blissful horizons time & time again. These candied scents will diffuse feelings of tenderness, warmth and endearment. We have taken our most loved sweet serenity enhancers, and given them a home in a pack. So it's time to take such, and add them to your home instead. 


Includes 3 scent diffuser fragrance oils, valued at $60.

French Vanilla harbours scents of Vanilla Bean and Anise to marry sweet and spice odour.

A truly beautiful fruity accord of blackcurrant with rose petals and hints of fir needle, clove, lemon peel and musk.

Creamy vanilla with hints of butter milk, lemon rinds, cocoa and malt. This scent smells like a sweet bakery and will make your mouth water.

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