Rose 30ml Duo


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2 x 30ml Rose Oils 

Diffuser Adaptability

Please note: This 30ml oil is only compatible with the Macro Diffuser. It will not screw into the Micro or Element Diffusers.

The Creation

Dried florals of red rose, pink rose, and white rose create a bouquet of luxury.

The Inspiration

"A flushed cheek signifies a flushed heart. So soft the heart, only a petal could compare. So fragile, yet emotionally strung. If I were to find her central part, I believe only a rose would appear. Each time, it calls me closer to you. And each time, I follow the calls in pursuit of the same stained cheeks. Rose coloured glasses do not inhibit vision, they simply support it."

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Barcode: 9360369019770
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